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I’ve been on a book break. Yes, I know, what is wrong with me?! LOL! Actually, I had to catch up on work (seems to always be the case).  I’ve been stocking up on books I want to read and some I have stashed away in storage which I haven’t read. I love buying books, but never have time to read them all. There is great enjoyment when I can finally sit in a quiet space, grab a book, drink my tea, and escape the world. I hope you’ll check these books out, you won’t be disappointed.

Books with food, best comfort combination (plus I don’t have to be interrupted by hunger while I keep turning the pages):

October book snacks

I am obsess with this brand RxBar. Sort of a picky eater, so naturally I was hesitated to try them. Ever since the first bite, instantaneously hooked. These are the best protein snacks for on-the-go. Especially, since I go to the gym and I get so hungry afterwards (going harder with my workouts). It’s a treat to fight the sweet cravings. LOL! I do have a bit of a sweet tooth.
You can find them at your local organic grocery store. I suggest you try all 5 flavors, you won’t be disappointed. And the ingredients are simple, no additives, artificial flavors, and no extra ingredients which we can’t pronounce (seriously, it’s annoying). My favorite out of all of them is the Coconut Chocolate (the white packaging, pictured above). I have an addiction to chocolate, but I didn’t expect to like coconut. Taste buds are on cloud 9 with these flavors. You’re children will enjoy them too. Please make sure to check the label for any foods which your child maybe allergic, too. Safety first before satisfying their hunger. Enjoy!

Cozy Corner October

The Shack by William Paul Young 

For many of us, who question Gods unconditional love towards humanity, please go check out this movie. When you feel God has failed you, please watch this movie. When you are angry at God, please sit and follow this story. This movie left me speechless and in tears. We get angry at God for not removing all the sins of the world or we believe God is ignoring our cries. This story paints a clear truth, of why God won’t strip away our free will. Free will isn’t just one dimensional, it affects all of us. Free will gives us the authority to choose life, not death. But many abuse free will to inflict pain on others, they’ve been led astray from God. Many fall short, because darkness is alluring. This story examine what God sees, feels, and desires for humanity. God feels pain, suffering, joy, and happiness. Our perspective is limited, compared to Gods.

The story involves a father overcome by anger towards God. A pleasant and relaxing vacation, turned into the worst nightmare any parent could ever dream. The innocence of a child was stripped away from the family, by a monster preying in the darkness. The devastation harden the father’s heart towards God. “How could God allow harm to come to an innocent human being?” The wife held by her Faith, continues to guide her husband back to her Faith. He doesn’t see a purpose to worship God, when his world was ripped right from under him.

The story progresses, the man is drawn into an unlikely journey. It was not a man seeking God, actually it was God who was seeking this man, rebuilding the relationship. A course to uncover the truth of why God cannot intervene, because the treaty of free will, will be broken, and Jesus death would have been in vain. He couldn’t see pass the fog of anger, let alone accept the idea of forgiveness. In the pits of opposition, God knows how to seek and pull you out.  The movie was absolutely great! I wanted to read the book, because we all know books are so much better! But, I love the effect it had because when we question God about his existence and the fact we believe God has failed humanity. We couldn’t be farther from the truth. God is there, sharing the same experiences we all endure. I mean, God shared Jesus death on the cross.

The President is missing by James Patterson & Bill Clinton

Well this is an obvious selection, LOL! My favorite author collaborate with one of the Presidents, Bill Clinton. Honestly, the title is very clique, especially for the current one holding the seat. But I digress, because I’m not talking about politics, right now! I thought what a great book to pick up. Many people have highly recommend this book, well I guess because we all want to learn the truth, but many can’t handle the truth. Why not indulge my curiosity. So far what I’ve read is good, begins with a slow buildup, so Patterson style.  Thank goodness, the President in the book has brains, LOL! He’s very sharp, strategic, and intelligible speech. His administration, include two females sharp, witty, honest, and intelligent. They can run in the same arena as the men in government. But just like the President, they don’t turn their power into pride and boastfulness. They are like his right-hand on every aspect of his presidency. I appreciate James Patterson giving women a strong position in this book.

I give credit to James Patterson for making a bold move to work with Bill Clinton on this book. Since, the Clinton’s have such a bad reputation, this took me and possibly many others by surprise. Then again, James Patterson does like to take risk. I’ll check back in on another post when I’m done, to let you know my final thoughts. If I know James Patterson, its already full of suspense and I’ve only gotten to chapter 8, LOL!

Invest in a good book and snacks. Sometimes, we take it for granted, but it helps bring your mind peace. And you can escape into the adventure. Be someone else for a chance, see where they story takes you.

Nestle up this fall season with a great book and a mug of your favorite drink!


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Thank you !


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  1. Ooo girl, these are great! I love RX bars- especially the chocolate coconut too! so yummy. Have you tried their seasonal flavors? Also, The Shack changed my thinking and way I thought about God- very powerful book that I feel really demonstrates God’s love. Kinda similar to how I felt when I read Redeeming Love.. have you read that one? I’ll have to check out this last book- Love James Patterson! We are so similar ! Have a great weekend, love

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