Don’t underestimate God

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We don’t pray with authority, heat, and passion.  At times we aren’t even aware of the enemies schemes and tactics. Don’t be afraid or despair, the enemy is no match for the resurrection power of Jesus. The devil is not Gods equal. God is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. God has given us full access to His armor. The enemy has no idea or has access to this same power. Devil is finite being with limitations. Don’t give into the idea of the Devil being powerful and equal to God. God has the capacity to hear our thoughts, feel our spirit, and the power to do the impossible. The enemy does not have the same capability. Essentially, we have the power to defeat the enemy. God does not leave us defenseless.

Naturally we all fight against the enemy using our own words (At times we use some not-so-nice words), until we’re blue in our face, but it won’t hit the enemy behind the scenes. Only Gods word can target the real enemy. God can pinpoint the enemy right before he can attack. Gods word is the weapon we need to fight in the spiritual warfare. Gods word is the cure, we need to stop temporarily fixing the symptoms. We keep attacking without Gods armor on, falling short of Gods supernatural power. Ever feel bombarded in thoughts and physically drained? It’s because you don’t tap into the power of God. Get in the habit of putting on the armor every single day.

Step off enemy I’m on holy ground. Guarded under the protection of the Father, the Lord, and Jesus Christ. Prayer activates the full armor of God. -Pastor Tim Lucas

With God on your side, the opposition runs scared. The real reason the enemy desires to attack you, is to disconnect us from God. The enemy hates the intimate relationship we have with God. God is the Omega, the ultimate power to defeat the Devil. But if we are not drawing deeper into the word of God, believing the power, and using the word in our lives on a daily basis. We are leaving ourselves open for the enemy to attack. The enemy is the puppet master pulling the strings, manipulating people around us to attack. The enemy may not read our minds, but the words we speak gives the enemy arsenal to use against us. Watch what you say out loud over yourself, the enemy gives it life. Words have value, the words from God holds the power to wield against the opposition. You have the greatest weapon to destroy the Devil. Prayer takes down the enemies strongholds. Prayer sends the angels to protect you. Prayer extends Gods wings to keep us in the barrier of His protection.  Don’t underestimate the power of God!

Put on the armor of God every morning!


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