Would you rather…


Hey guys,

Fall is in full force, winds blowing, leaves changing colors, coldness shaking our bones, and the night sky appear earlier. It’s getting darker outside, scary! Anyway I have found this fall/halloween tag on Life by Wyetha, please check out her blog. The season of fall is exhilarating. Halloween is just around the corner. I love witnessing the colors of Autumn because it makes the world look so much beautiful. And the fashion is amazing. Here we go with what my preferences are for this time beautiful season.

Photo by Carly Kewley on Unsplash

Would you rather….

Go apple picking or going on a hay ride

I just went to a farm with my students, we picked pumpkins and went on a hayride. I’m still planning to take my nieces.

Scary or sweet

I’m not sure about this one. Does it mean food or movies or events? I’d always say sweet, but I don’t mind scaring people. LOL!

Sweater or boots


Socks or mittens


Bonfires or football

Bonfires, but I’ll go see a football game with my love or friends or family. It’s just about cherishing each moment.

Trick or treating or Scary movies 

Eh! Um! I’d go trick or treating with my nieces. Depends on the scary movie. I’d go for the children’s version, because I’m really a scary cat.

Apple pie or pumpkin pie

Hands down both! Yummy!

Halloween or Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving…massive spread of food…Delicious! And its the time where I can indulge, see everyone, and laugh. I feel bless to see family and friends.

Baked Pie or Baked Cookies 

Can’t we have both!

Black cats or black owls

I like cats, never had an owl. Can owls be trained?

Ghost or wizards 

Easy, wizards. I want to visit Hogwarts! (Harry Potter Fanatic)

Harry Potter or Halloweentown

Tough one…. Harry Potter, but Halloweentown is my 2nd choice.

Go hiking or sleep in

Go hiking, then afterwards sleep in. YAY!

Cinnamon or Nutmeg

Both, delicious on pan fried apples. Yum!

Reading or Writing


Hot cocoa or tea

Love both. Cocoa with marshmallows is delicious. Tea with lemon and honey, amazing!

Live in a cabin in a forest or have it be fall 24/7

I’d love to visit a cabin in the forest (not live) and I’d live to experience fall 24/7, but I still need spring & summer seasons. Winter you can leave now!

Candy apples or caramel apples

Ok, don’t get mad at me, but I’ve never had candy apples or caramel apples. I know, I know, i’m missing out on the best parts of Fall.

Pumpkin spice latte or Chai tea latte

Neither, yuck!

Coats or oversized sweaters

I love sweaters, can turn it into a dress or wear with some leggings and knee high boots. Sweaters are so cute.

Beanies or Berets

I love beanies

Peanut butter cups or Reeses pieces 

Oooo both, I’m obsessed with chocolate

Coffee or Apple cider 

Apple cider

Red leaves or orange leaves 


Scented candles or The scent of fresh baked goods 

Candles, but I’d love to cook treats

S’mores or apple crisp

Apple crisp

Jump into a pile of leaves or swing on a tire swing


Corn Maze or Haunted House

Neither, I’m a scaredy cat.

Bob for apples or Visit a pumpkin patch 

Both, but I’ve never bob for apples

Whipped cream on Hot Cocoa or Marshmallows on Hot Cocoa

both, so yummy. And its perfect to snuggle up and watch movies (hallmark movies)

The smell of pumpkin guts or rotting leaves

This is not my idea of fall fun. I’ll pass on this one.

Store bought or pumpkin patch pumpkins

Pumpkin patch pumpkins. Especially, when I can go with my nieces

Wool or knit sweaters


Halloween party or exploring haunted places 

Halloween party

Candy corn or mellowcreme pumpkins 

Yuck, neither. I don’t know what mellowcreme pumpkin is.

Apple cider donuts or pumpkin donuts 

Apple cider donuts from the farm. I haven’t had pumpkin donuts.

The Nightmare before Christmas or Hocus Pocus 

Both are great movies

Scary costume or something silly 

Something silly to wear is the best. I love to make people laugh, even if its at my expense for one day.

Still, silent nights or rainy, windblown ones 

Rainy windblown ones, I love the rain. It’s perfect to snuggle and watch movies, with the fire warming us up. Nice and toasty!

Monster movies or their classic novels 

Monster movies

Witches or ghosts

Witches, I guess!

Raking leaves or climbing trees

Both, because I can jump in the leaves afterwards.

Oujia board or ghost stories around a campfire 

Don’t ever bring an Oujia board around me, ever! I loved to hear ghost stories around the campfire.

Frankenweenieor The Corpse Bride 

Never seen either one.

I enjoyed doing this tag! I have to say, Fall and Winter is all about sweets. I’d have to hit the gym more often now. It’s the best time of the year. Enjoy the moments and cherish the memories. Break into some new traditions. The year isn’t over, yet!

What are your thoughts?

What do you enjoy about the Fall/Halloween season?

Comment below!


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Thank you !

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