More than just coffee ☕️

Last weekend, I had the chance to spend time with my favorite babies, my nieces. I love stealing them away from my sister and hanging out with them. I had a rough week and I needed to be around them to relax, laugh, and enjoy some innocent fun. I always want to find ways to make it an adventure or new experience.

This time, we visit a place called, “Color Me Mine”. It’s a place to be creative, while selecting ceramic pieces for home decor, kids items, cups, any piece for adults and children to enjoy. They even offer a section for birthday parties. \We arrived around 1pm and it was a relaxing and fun atmosphere. My nieces are ages 11 and 5, we can engage in more conversations and their sibling interaction is adorable. They selected their pieces and the paint colors they wanted to use. I tried to explain to them to have a creative plan before putting the paint on, because they wouldn’t have a second chance to remove mistakes. The older one got it, the younger one was just happy to get messy and use any color she could get her hands on. I’m just glad they enjoyed their time and love the activity. I do plan to take them back during the holiday season.

What many of you don’t know is this. I don’t like to be in malls at all, unless its a wardrobe emergency. Even then, I cringe going into the mall, let alone visiting one over the weekend. It’s like a mad house and please don’t let there be sales. The crowds of clothes and shoes everywhere, people everywhere. I feel so overwhelmed and literally want to run out the mall. LOL! I know its like exaggeration, but I don’t like malls. UGH! Anyway, I was feeling hangry because I tend to eat light for breakfast, plus I was still frustrated from the week. Bad combination, but I kept it calm and enjoy the moment with my nieces while they finish their projects.

From left to right: my younger niece chose to paint a princess, I chose the cup in the middle which says on the front, “She is..” and on the back it says, “Proverbs 31:4”, and my older niece chose to paint a fairy princess. The finish product looks amazing. I can’t wait to give it to them. Check out this place if there is one near you. It’s fun and kind of relaxing.

We grabbed some Auntie Ann’s pretzel, (I always get the plain pretzels, yummy) and my nieces got the mini bites. We walked back through the mall towards the other side, to where the car was parked. I was so excited to leave the mall, a breath of fresh air. As a last minute decision, I asked my nieces if they wanted to go see a movie. Honestly, I don’t know why I asked, because they would say yes anyway. That’s why I love them, they always want to be with me. LOL! We decided to go see, “The House with the clock on the wall”. Ah, boredom, from all 3 of us. We didn’t enjoy it at all. I am a huge Jack Black fan, he did a good job acting, but the storyline was very weak. Seriously, I’m not at all thrilled about this movie. But it was just being able to spend time with the people I love the most. God, I was thankful for this beautiful gift.

Have any of you guys seen the movie?

What are your thoughts about the film? 


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9 thoughts on “More than just coffee ☕️

  1. I saw that trailer a month ago and my friend asked me if I wanted to go in which I declined … so maybe that was a good thing. I will agree with you … I hate the mall + crowds confusion + loud music + those sales on merchandise that should have never been marked up in the first place…I tend to stay far away. I need my brain clear when I’m shopping for clothing + and that means the less people and the less noise the better.

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