Every Thought

every thought

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“Lies can become truth, if we let them.”

Bring every thought to the obedience of God. Arrest those negative thoughts, holding you captivity. The enemy loves to distract. As we move closer to God, the enemy increases his attack. If we’re not careful, we give the enemy access to the back door of our minds. He seeps into the dark places, pulling at your past. He knows the right buttons to push. We are too familiar and comfortable with negative words repeating in our minds. The only way we can change them, is by the word of God. This is your armor against the enemies lies.


every thought

The more we permeate on the word of God, we can control our thoughts for good. The truth in the book, is not just for your eyes. Each promise feeds the mind what it needs to push beyond the deception. Gods word is a powerful belief in ones self to do all things through Christ. Ask God to move inside of you. Surrender all your thoughts over to God. He already knows what you’re thinking before you speak them. Give God a chance to refresh your mind in a new way. He’ll adjust your thoughts to see in a fresh way. It’s more of believing then you will see.

God knows what is in our hearts and minds. God knows our coming and go. God knows what we will say before we breathe the words. God is omnipresent. What a divine God, He is!

“You know when I sit down or stand up. You know my thoughts even when I’m far away.” -Psalms 139:2

In the midst of this sin-stained world, God can stop the disturbances from inhabiting your minds. This world is living in a lie and the devil is the pulling the puppet strings. You don’t have to accept the beliefs and facts of this world. Gods truth overrides those ever-changing facts. What God says is the way, the truth, and the righteous way of living. God does not give us thoughts to harm us. The bible says, God wants us to live a joyful life. God encourages and give us a full life. Any thoughts opposite of what God says in the bible, is the attack of the enemy. The enemy wants to keep us in the state of confusion. Once we give our thoughts over to God, God will put the enemy in his place. The enemy dares not to whisper anymore negative thoughts. Or the enemy will regret it! God protects his children.


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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to cultivate a life rooted Christ alone and create a simple lifestyle.

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