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The weather is getting colder. Oh, Christmas is just around the corner! I love this time of the year! In the spirit of shopping, wrapping, and giving great gifts. These would make great stocking stuffers or even better wrapped under the tree. I’d like to introduce some books to inspire the children of our future. Great gift ideas for all the little avid readers.

Don’t forget the Snacks:

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Trader Joes Greek Lowfat Yogurt: Almond Butter Coconut. I’m obsess with this flavor. Before, I didn’t like almond butter, but I decided to be adventurous and try this out. It’s like an amazing, smooth taste. The combination of almond butter and coconut infused is incredible. It doesn’t have a bitter taste towards the end. Plus, I’m not sure if you noticed, but this is from Trader Joes. I love shopping there. I always find great healthy snacks.

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Cozy Corner October

Marisol McDonald Doesn’t Match by Monica Brown

This one I enjoyed the most. I read this with my preschoolers. It explores the life of Marisol, at just a young age, she constantly defends her identity.  Her appearance, choice of clothing, foods, her creativity, imagination, and so on. Her brother “looks” normal, but she embody features of both her parents. Society would call her mixed (Spanish and Caucasian). Everyone says she’s doesn’t fit into the normal labels. She doesn’t fit into a familiar box. They just find a reason to deteriorate her from expressing difference.

At a young age, Marisol has to deal with people questioning her identity.  More specifically, the way she chooses to live a mismatched lifestyle. Marisol manages to maintain a humble spirit. She’s not even concern with the way others look. She chooses to live opposite from the norm. I already like this little girls perspective on life. How I wish all humans could put down their differences and see the beauty in acceptance. As it turns out, one of her classmates dare her to dress normal (matching ). Despite her teacher slightly annoyed by Marisol mismatched writing, she commits to encouraging Marisol to love herself.

The hands Marisol a lovely note to remind her how special and different can be beautiful. (Adults we need to understand the huge impact we have on children). This book was incredible and the message is very true. And I strongly recommend getting this book for all ages. A great reminder to treat everyone with love. Kind of like God, don’t you think?  

Maybe Something Beautiful by F. Isabel Campoy & Theresa Howell

Innocent children see the world in color. Adults we can see things only black & white, grey, yes or no, among other boring routines. Sometimes we need color to ignite a passion for life. In the book, the grownups live a mundane life, while Mira sees life in color. Mira is very distinct in the way she draws. Each picture represents the personality of each person. It seems she add pops of color to their quiet life.

One of her drawings grab the attention of a fellow artist. The artist pulls out a magical paint brush. He can paint the town literally. Transforming the grey sky with hues of blue and white. Mira joins in on the creative process. The artist hands her a paint brush and they both paint everything. Everyone joins in the fun and paint to the rhythm of their own tunes. It turns into a block party. If only they had informed the police officer either to stop them or join the fun. The artist encourages her to paint the town and take her imagination to new heights. Not only did everyone decorate the town, but they awoke the artists within.

“You, my friends are all artist. The world is your canvas.”

The artist used his magic to pull all the colors together to reach far beyond the town. The quote above, matches what God has gifted us all with. We have gifts as artist to create a beautiful world. Similar to how God created the universe and humans.

These two books, I highly recommend them both. Best gifts ever! We don’t realize the power of influence we possess, when we use it for good and not bad. It’s special when we all come together in the spirit of love.


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13 thoughts on “Books & Munchies

  1. Due to Celiac, along with no more gluten, I can’t have dairy, eggs, or soy anymore either, so we use Almond Milk. My wife and kids like the Almond milk yogurts too. We use the Vanilla Almond Milk to make our gluten free waffles. We loved going to Trader Joes when we were on vacation in San Diego. We have a great store here called Vitamin Cottage that we do most of our shopping at. They have all the gluten free, organic, and non-GMO food we need. Those books look cute with a great message, thanks. God bless you!

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    1. Yes I drink the Almond milk, vanilla flavored unsweetened. I thoroughly enjoyed reading these books with my students. I want them to feel empowered to be different, but respectful about differences. Words are very influential whether we know it or not. They have the power to make change in a positive way.

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