More than just coffee..

More Than Just Coffee

Ok…so this particular post series serves to spark conversation. I’m rather chatty, you know, a conversationalist. Honestly, most of you know, I’m on your blogs chatting it up, 😆 !

Don’t be shy! But do be kind! Agree or disagree.

I know I come away with a different perspective through my interactions with many of you. Come sit and chat with me. I made Lemonade, classic drink never gets old.

There are some ups and downs to being single. In all honesty I am learning much about myself and enjoying the ride. I give all the credit to God, I just show up and buckle up 😏.

Recently, I’ve gotten better at small talk. (Drinking my liquid luck, like Harry Potter, lol).

liquid luck

In fact, my ability to engage in small talk, is quite astonishing. I can chat through typing the words, but in real life I am shy. Although, people say I don’t look like it. (When you get too know me, I love to make people laugh and just be silly.) I do believe God will bring people into your life for a purpose. Doesn’t necessarily mean its going to be permanent. God has a plan for every encounter we face.

I was hanging with some of my girl friends, chatting over the usual topics, MEN, you know, 😂. It’s interesting how much emphasize and pressure we place on ourselves to find Thee One. By definition, seeking the right one, spouse, husband, Mr. Right, the godly man, or Boaz (great man in bible). The pressure to find a man is so intense, I feel like I’m going to burst.

Honestly, why do we put so much time and thought worrying about finding the right mate. Why do we carry such a heavy stigma? The time constraint is so real, too real if you ask me. It’s constantly on the back of our minds, like 24/7. Why? Not only do we put the pressure on ourselves, but we get the heat from other WOMEN! Yes, it’s like a sense of desperation cloud is draped around us and the hunt for a man is top priority. Seriously I can’t take it! It’s a bit overwhelming and foolish to stress over it. When all I ever want to do is enjoy my life and the experiences I endure. Taking it one day at a time. Giving God the reins to make the love connection happen. It’s always by His time and plan, not mines.

God did create you only to fulfill the role of spouse. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful gift to be a wife, husband, mother, father, to bare children, living the dream of marriage. Hey, I have a great desire to find my Boaz, but, geez, give God time to make it happen. I mean, can we give Our Father credit. He does say we would not walk this earth alone. He was the one to create the universe, earth, and even humans. He knows the numbers on our hair, I’m confident He knows what our heart desires the most. We have to trust God to do what only He can make happen, on His time.

We’ve witness the many miracles He has performed in our lives. If God is not concern with time, why should we? Gods timing is absolutely the best timing. As we wait for Mr. or Mrs. Right to walk into our life and sweep us off our feet. There is another divine purpose to why God created you. Your plate is already full at the moment fulfilling Gods assignment. He’s placed gifts and talents inside of you. Learn what they are and how to cultivate these gifts for the world. As you’re diligently doing Gods work, the divine connection unexpectedly happens. Boom! Boaz appears! Boom! Ruth appears!

I don’t know about you, but I want the person God has anointed for me. The spouse who has my name imprinted on his heart. I want my veil to be lifted and to be revealed only to Boaz. The divine connection God created for both us. (Don’t expect sparks to go off or a big bang. Just be ready to say thank you God many times over when it happens). Like a gift meant only for me to unwrap. The gift will be waiting at your doorstep, get your house in order to receive this heavenly gift. I don’t want to make it happen by my will. Suffice to say, it won’t last, if Gods hand is not on it.

“It looked good but it didn’t look God. He looked good, but he didn’t look God. She looked good, but she didn’t look God.” -John Gray

Don’t give into doubts and fears. This is what the enemy wants you to feel in order to prevent you from claiming your love. God sees where you are and knows the desire He has placed on your heart. God put the promise in you for a reason. God wants to show out in your life. God is not in the business of teasing us with lies and false promises. Stop stressing about when God will make it happen. Get your mind off the ‘what if’s’ and ‘when it’ll happen’. Just get excited knowing God is going to write the best, unbelievable love story for your life. It’s going to blow everyone way to see you bless.

Focus on the goodness that God has already done. Live a life of excellence right where you are. God will never, ever fail you. The Bible isn’t His way of entertaining us, it’s to remind us of His truth, His ways, which are infinite. Gods in the business of doing supernatural things. Envision the good things God has promise.

God has not forgotten His children.

The Bible says,

“He who finds a wife, finds a treasure, and obtains favor from the Lord.” Proverbs 18:22

This promise says, “He who finds..”, not “she will find…” Ladies we don’t need to find the husband. The husband will come to us when God is ready to make the connection. God will lift the veil and reveal the woman to you men. You can’t make someone fall in love with you. It has to be God to make the live connection.

God has made us a magnet to attract the blessings. We don’t need to go searching or making it happen. The blessings will come and chase you down. Just keep work diligently in honor of God. Keep your focus on God and what He has asked of you to complete. With God on your side, you will never lack anything.

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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to cultivate a life rooted Christ alone and create a simple lifestyle.

22 thoughts on “More than just coffee..

  1. Great post! Thank you for your open honesty! I met my wife in college at a time when I was not looking for a relationship. In fact, I was dead set against it because I wanted to solely focus on God. I was a bit overzealous at that time and I am very glad the Lord led me to my wife anyway. You are right! It will happen in God’s timing and in the awesome way He will make that divine appointment happen. God bless you! P.S. We just celebrated 17 years on June 23rd!

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      1. That’s exactly where I am in my life right now. For once, I’m focusing on ME. Becoming one with myself and learning who I am and what makes me who I am. Just letting God show me what I need to see and trusting that He will lead me where I’m meant to be, as well as put the right people in my life.

        This post just spoke to me and I just thank you for sharing these words. It’s just a confirmation that I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing. ☺️

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      2. Amen, I’m glad to come alongside you to support and encourage you. I know the world can make you feel worthless, but When we give all our attention to God, the noise of the world dies away! 🙌🏼

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  2. I caught myself worrying so much today . I’m 31 and my biggest fear is to end up alone. I know I have to let it go and just trust God but it’s hard At times!it’s okay though I know God is going to lift me back up so I don’t spend another second worrying about the unknown. I don’t want to miss out on the Beauty of life. I’ll be praying for us tonight . God bless you sister -. And thank you for writing this post !! Sometimes I feel so alone

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  3. Oh Tiffany! You know you’re my blog bestie right? Although I LOVE what you’ve shared here — I have to disagree with your final thoughts — in particular — “God has made us a magnet to attract the blessings. We don’t need to go searching or making it happen. ” — AY YI YI!!!!!

    No. No. No.

    I disagree with this fundamentally because it suggests that we don’t have a responsibility in this quest for love, and we do.

    Let’s liken it to finding a job, choosing a college, making new friends — all of these things affect our lives in a way that’s important enough for us as Christians to “pray about it” and trust God in the PROCESS. We don’t sit and wait around on the job, the college or the friends, we do our part by applying and engaging with the opportunities AND we trust “THEE right opportunity” will fall into place for us AS WE do our part.

    So, yes — the Bible says “Wait” but when we visit a doctor’s office and are in the ‘waiting room’, we let the clerk know we’re here, we fill out forms, essentially we do our part in the waiting — and sometimes we read or play on our phones WHILE we wait. So waiting doesn’t mean we sit and do nothing, it just means when it is our time, it will be evident.\

    OOOOooooo don’t get me started Tiffany! Lol

    Loved this piece! Thanks for engaging us Madam Conversationalist!

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    1. Oh I see what you mean, but I didn’t mean it that way. The entire statement is suppose to mean, don’t go ahead of God to make things happen if God is telling you No. Lol! We do have to show up and do our part God has called us to do. I don’t believe we are suppose to sit idle and do nothing. When I say magnet of blessing, I mean when God sees you doing his work with excellence, the blessings will attract to you.
      I hope this makes sense. Thanks Bestie, trust me I don’t get offend over disagreements. I enjoy reading someone else’s perspective. 🙏🏼☺️

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    1. Very true, indeed. This is why God has asked us to work diligently, focus on completing the assignments He has given us. In due season, the right person will come when you less expect it. Thanks for commenting.

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