Taste and See

The Lord is absolutely good! Every morning before I get out of my bed, The Father is the first word I breathe out of my mouth. When I do, all of heaven listens in and pours me a cup of strength to embark on His plans. You could say I am ready to eat and drink all of Gods words before my feet touch the ground. I savor every moment I share with God.

Reading the Bible is an acquired taste, but you can develop a delight in Gods Word. -Jeff Wells

The more I center my life on God, the more I gain peace. Many look at my circumstances and would say I don’t have any reason to be happy. True, but I’m fill with the Lords joy. God and I know the roads I’ve travelled, where I am now is further then before. I’ve been lifted out of the shadows. Looking in the mirror, I love the person staring back at me. Wherever I go, I’m happy to have myself as a companion. God has created in me a gentle heart and free mindset.

It would be a hard concept for many to grasp. The more my spirit feast on the Word, the more control I have over my flesh. These delicacies aren’t easy to swallow. God does need us to meet Him at the table in order to enjoy this delicacy. It is a taste you will need to acquire and develop. It’s really a duty and privilege to not only read the word, but hear God speak to you. Oh, He has a lot to teach you.

When I drink in the Lord’s words from the bible, I come alive and He tucks me under his wings. I can face the day surrounded by God. I’ve learned so much of why application of His word in my life is vital.

We should serve ourselves the food of God, to fuel the flames of faith to extinguish the world. Gods world is much more rewarding.


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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to cultivate a life rooted Christ alone and create a simple lifestyle.

17 thoughts on “Taste and See

      1. Thank you. I will be praying for you! My wife and kids are doing great, praise God! They have four days of school this week, then they have over two weeks off for Christmas break. We are all looking forward to spending time together! I did get a message from my Mom this morning that her Dad (my Grandpa) passed away this morning. I’ve been on the phone with my Mom for a couple hours. I will write a post about him today. He was a kind man and he was a believer, so we are at peace knowing he is at peace. How is your family? Any plans for Christmas?

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      2. Sending my condolences. Thank God He is safe in The Father’s arms. They’re coming to my church and I’ll treat them to brunch afterwards. Christmas gift and my brother will be in town to celebrate with us.

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