Thank you 2018, I’m ready 2019

I won’t say goodbye..

Thank You 2018, is befitting!

Hello 2019, I am ready.

Wow, Happy New Year! What can I say? God is still God. You still play a part in HisStory.

God, thank you for everything that I have endured over the years.

Thank you for the lessons I had to learn.

Thank you teaching me to let go of regrets.

Thank you for teaching me how to forgive, it’s never over.

Thank you for getting me through the obstacles, to a place I can now called home.

God, you are my permanent home. Looking back, I would have never utter these words. I’ve worked through my regrets and unforgiveness to see everything happened for a reason. I’ve missed God in so many seasons of my life, but He’s never missed me. God has been there every single step of the way. Meaning, omniscient is truth. God knows exactly where you are and how to pull you through it. You’ll get out of the fire, without any scars.

How has God changed me?

I have come out of 2018 with a weapon, it’s called Faith. I  underestimated the weight of this weapon. But acquired some skills to wield this powerful tool. God has shown me how to use it. But the Teacher is not done yet.

Strengthen your faith muscles. Trials and test come to engage your faith core muscles to reach your faith fitness goals. God is a great trainer. Faith is the absence of things not seen, but a strong belief, you know in your spirit, it shall come to pass. God had to show what this meant. Despite what you see in the physical sense, the spiritual world knows it too be true. God holds this to the highest value, and will match your faith with reality. Are you ready to workout? Are you ready to see results? Do you trust God as your personal trainer, the one who flung the stars in the sky? It’s never to late to start.

How about right now?  

Stop worrying about what didn’t happen in 2018 and the storms you endure. Let all of it go. If you didn’t get over those obstacles, is because you haven’t use all of your strength. You still need the Fathers strength and power. Surrender the pain and burdens to God. Flee from doubts and fear. In exchange God will place them with forgiveness, peace, wisdom, humility, and strength inside of you. You may need a way out and God is your way out. God has a habit of getting people through the rain, through the storms, and through the fire. Actually, God is right there with you. “Child I am here. Call upon my name.” Give Jesus your hands.

Surrender, submit. The two very hard acts to perform, daily. Yes, it’s a daily choice. We think God can just come in because He’s omnipotent. God is powerful, but He is also patient. God does not force His way into your life, it would disrupt the purpose of seeking Him. God is gentle, subtle, and awaits the invitation to enter (reveal His truth). It is only with a receiving heart will we be open to the truth of God. A heart chasing after God, is a powerful weapon in which to defeat the enemy. You have a power the enemy can’t comprehend.

Are you ready to grow?

Or do you remain to stay stuck in a loop? You know, Rinse, wash, repeat. Sounds familiar. Turn off your rinse cycle, time to sort out your life. God can wash you clean of darkness.

Don’t get settle for mediocrity. Don’t get comfortable in the same routines. Get up, come get up. You’ve got a destiny to fulfill. Time to stop hibernating all season long. Grab a hold of God. Reach to the heavens and ask God to move in your life in a greater way.

God is the greatest teacher. God removes the old and brings in the new. You have been created for a purpose. Actually, for Gods purpose. He has made you to be more than what you think you are right now. Stop comparing and complaining. That will only hold you back from the greatness God has for you.

What does this mean? 

With God, you are always on time. His timing, to be exact. Patience and waiting. God doesn’t like to rush you into something that isn’t fully completed and you are not fully prepared to handle. Gods answer is always Yes or No, there is no such thing as maybe. It’s not even in His vocabulary. God created everything to completion. We serve a God who gives to the fullest, exceedingly, and abundantly. When He starts, no person can stop Him. Why would we give God half of ourselves? God wants all of you, every inch of you. Your vessel belongs to God. Be vulnerable with God. Be honest with God. Make God your permanent home.

May 2019 serves as a new step towards faith. Let’s face it, you have been overwhelmingly tired for far too long. You need a huge release from the weight. Let Go and Let God. Stop holding onto setbacks, hurts, fears, doubts, anger, insecurity, and shame. You are not any of those things. You don’t need to live in regret, bitterness and misery.  We make mistakes, God knew we are imperfect beings. God will show you how to accept what has happened and use it to move forward. We went through these setbacks for a reason. God doesn’t allow things to happen without His permission. Every disadvantages you’ve experienced will now turn into an advantage. What has been stolen from you will now be restored beyond measure.

Learn to step into the person God has created you to become. You won’t go through it alone. God has many powerful names, two of them are Comforter and Deliverer. He takes His jobs very seriously.

Pray with me:

Father, thank you for bringing us into 2019. It is true not many of those have been able to cross over into another year. God, we know you had a reason and plan for them. They are now in your house that you’ve prepared for them. We trust they are under your care now.

For many who have walked into 2019, carrying the weight of 2018. I declared those chains are broken, immediately. You have now set those chains in the fire. Your children are set freed. Although, they see circumstances in the physical sense have not changed. You still have a blueprint for their life. In order to see you move in their life, they have to step into Your arms and embrace Your love, your freedom. God, that means we, your children have to be ready to go through the fire, the storms, and the rivers to undergo transformation. Walk by faith, not by sight. Some of us, don’t know how to begin, but You are the Author and Finisher. Get us to our starting point and light the path for us to follow. Show us how to hear you. Show us how to follow you. Show us what it means to surrender to you, with grace and strength to do it. Show us how to become the student. Render our heart open to you God. Show us how to build a intimate relationship with You, Our Father! 

In Your Might Name…Amen!

I encourage you brothers and sisters to Put God First. Watch and see the glorious plans God has for you, not only in 2019, but in many years to come. God numbers our days.

Bienviendo 2019!

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