Discover your healthiest self: Teami

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Let’s be honest with ourselves, please. Why do we jump to these extremes with the same resolution, weight loss. Seriously, we make promises to workout, eat clean or diet, but it never really panes out. We let excuse after excuse pile up. Or we end up crashing, never to repair the damage. I always found a reason to sit in front of the tv, feeding my discouragement with potato chips, donuts, and sodas. Feeling hopeless and frustrated. I had accepted the defeat.

One day, while scrolling through social media, (at the time Facebook only), these teas flashed on my screen Teami. Of course, 🤨 I hesitated to give it even a thought. But, I was curious and I couldn’t avoid not seeing it pop up on my feed. I research this company and found every tea came with great benefits and simple ingredients (before weight loss teas became a popular trend). See I’m a tea lover at heart. There’s something about enjoying a cup of tea first thing in the morning, at work, or even just to relax. This is a great alternative to coffee (they have plant-based caffeine in each tea). I decided to give it a try and purchase the Skinny tea. I was blown away! I fell in love with the amazing taste and energy increase without the effects of jitters or crash. These teas help to keep me focus and productive throughout the day, the bloating has reduce, no more fatigue, and trust me it’s easy for me to get sick I work with children, it’s boost my immune system.

So, I decided to give the detox kit a try. The colon tea, a gentle cleanse from the inside out and my skin has gain its natural glow. I was struggling with my weight and this was clutched. Its helps to maintain my healthy weight and clear skin. I was borderline of becoming a diabetic and cholesterol levels has elevated, this help to return my levels to normal. And I became more conscious about what I ate.

I don’t care to lose a lot of weight or wear a size 2. I care about living my best life. This was the motivation I surely needed to get on track. This was my baby step. Taking a step towards reaching my best self both mentally and physically. And I’d like to share the good news with you.

Teami is an all-natural, non GMO, cruelty-free company. They not only specialize in loose teas, but they now offer matcha tea and skincare products. All of the teas are specially handpicked, leaves with simple ingredients to support a wide range of specific needs: sleep, focus, energy, increase metabolism, boost immune system, reduce bloating, and so much more. In addition to the teas, they have great tea accessories.

Tea accessories?  Yes, they have cool tumblers and infusers in a variety colors. You can easily prepare the tea at home, placing the loose leaves in the infused and resting in your favorite mug. Or have your tea on-the-go which makes it easier and adds color to your travel. There’s even a compartment to store the loose leaves and it’s double walled to keep the tea hot for longer. I’m always traveling with my orange tumbler, literally everywhere! I’m definitely adding more colors to my collection.

This is an honest company with friendly customer service (truly, it feels like you’re talking to a close friend), every product contains all-natural, simple ingredients, and the best quality loose leaves in every tea to target customer needs. The results and testimonies are very true. I can speak from my 4 years of experience using them. I contribute my health, physique, and skin to Teamiblends.

Start each day with a cup for breakfast, at home, at the office, or in the gym. Enjoy it either cold or hot, add some frozen fruits for a refreshing drink. Teami have great recipes to enhance the delicious flavors in each tea. All of these teas taste amazing, you won’t need to add any sweeteners. I know you’ll enjoy it, too!☺️

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You won’t regret it, I promise. It’s not just tea, it’s a lifestyle. Give it a try!

How about joining me in a detox challenge? I just received my detox package, full of great stuff. I can’t wait to start and I’d love for you to join me!

You matter! Discover your healthiest self!

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    1. Hi, yes they are and easy to prepare. It’s not really about losing weight for me. I just want to maintain a healthy life, because it supports my mental health and physical. Having these teas as a support helps to keep me focus on health. And the great benefits of each tea is amazing! Plus, having the skin care line is a bonus. ☺️

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