Monthly Goals: February

Monthly goals

I love February, not only due to Valentines Day (I’m not so sure about devoting one day of the year for love).  I am grateful to step into another month, another set of goals, which means I’m growing guys. LOL! Like I mentioned in my last goals post; Growth has to come with some hiccups along the way. We will always make mistakes and hit some setbacks. We’re building stamina, guys! Keep moving forward.


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I’d like to make some adjustment to the goals I’ve achieved and failed. But add a bit more to this months challenge, as I think I am finding more of a balance in my life.

Gym Time

I’m still committed to 3 days of week. Since, it is only 3 days, I feel like I need more of an intense workout. Fridays is usually machines, targeting specific parts of the body. My friend gave me an idea to write down a plan before going to the gym. What areas I want to target? Which machines I want to use? How many reps? Those sort of things. I like this idea because it would be sort of a vision board to meditate on everyday leading up until Friday. And this should indefinitely motivate me to focus closely on my workouts. Sort of like keeping a workout journal, Ah, wait a minute. This is a like a lightbulb moment. I should keep a gym journal (Wellness journal, I’ll figure out the name later, lol)! I just have so many notebooks/journals already, can I make room for more, Oy vey!

Saturdays are Kickboxing and now I’ve rejoin Body works and Abs class (total body workout using light weights). The instructor is a beast, she doesn’t let up on keeping us in the spirit of feeling the intensity. You can go at your own pace, but she helps me push myself, safely. Since the last Sunday of every month I lead the volunteer team at church, I’d have to miss yoga. I take  boot camp (maneuver through different workout stations, military style). I’d say my body is going to be sore for a couple days (or weeks). But honestly I look forward to it. I need physical fitness to support my mental health. Decrease anxiety, stress, increase focus and energy. I’m a happier person because I can fight out all the frustration in the gym. LOL!


I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but I haven’t been posting frequently (Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays). Due to a full time job, I’ve taken a pause here on the blog. Deadlines are fast approaching and I have to complete a lot of work. Of course, I did not like taking a pause (could be why I was angry in my 2nd week of the fast). Oh yea, I was going through a fast with the church I attend, so my focus was completely off.  21 day Daniel Fast is over and I’m slowly getting back to writing and eating. Creative juices pouring out and I can’t wait to share it with you. I have decided to blog Mondays & Wednesdays only (well for now, subject to change). Gives me time to collect my thoughts and write enriched content. I love to write.

Sundays, I volunteer and lead at church, which I do enjoy. My plate is full, but I want to pace myself. I would also add, to increase my followers here and on Instagram before the end of February. I did increase my followers on twitter and Facebook page. But I did become a bit obsess over the numbers. Now, I just post to help share some inspiration and encouragement. Promote, connect, and build friendships.


It’s been a year and 1 month strong without alcohol (personal decision, I don’t judge anyone else who wants to do it. Have fun, but please be safe). I am working my way up to remove foods with sugar. Primarily, anything with chocolate (cakes, cookies, muffins, etc.) and bread. Yes, I know the rule about living a little, indulging once in a while. But I don’t know how to stop guys. I can eat an entire cart of chocolate cookies or donuts in one day. I am being very literally, here! I am serious when I say, I don’t know how to contain myself to just one slice of cake, one cookie, and one donut. Just thinking about it now, I am about to drool! LOL!

Right now, I want to focus on saying No and following through on it. Meaning my hands need to stay away from touching any of those sweets. (The flesh is very weak).  I have been able to indulge in other healthy ways. Green smoothies, veggie chips, apples and peanut butter, etc. There are endless ways to enjoy sweets the healthy alternative way. Because of the fast, I’ve enjoyed eating soup everyday. My aunt makes the best soups in different ways. I am thankful to her for warm meals on these bitter cold days we’ve been having lately.

 Writing a book

Before the end of last year, I decided I wanted to write a book. I began writing, but stopped along the way. Yea, there were distractions, but mostly I procrastinated. I wanted to write a book of poetry and other interesting topics. I’d start, but stopped! In truth, I am holding myself back from moving into this sort of territory. A foreign one, and it scares me. I desire to be a writer and publish books, but the journey I’d have to endure is scary. It would be a level of confidence, I don’t believe I am ready for. But then I think about this blog and how far I have come. I think about God and how far He’s taken me. Why not give into this desire and make it happen? I need to believe in myself more. I can do it.

Confidence is you gaining the strength to push through the fear instead of running away from it. Guess what fear will always be there, what I choose to do about it sets the tone of my future. I dream of becoming a writer and impacting others through my writing. There’s books in me that need to be written and I can’t afford to hide behind fears. Let’s God Tiffany, get too it!

I came across a literary contest from one of the bloggers I follow. After praying about it, I decided to enter. Which I did guys, please pray for me? It took a lot of courage for me to do it. I struggled to create the short story. Going through 2 drafts, when finally it hit me. Or at least I’d like to believe God struck me with the Holy Spirit to write. My fingertips just glided smoothly along the keys and all I could do was type nonstop. It was a great experience. When I win (walk by faith, not by sight moment here), I will post the short story. Just keep me in prayer, guys!

Bible Study

I haven’t met with the college life group (I’m being mentored to become a leader) since the year started. I really need to get back and see my college friends. I need this added bible study to dig more into the Word and shared discussions. Honestly, this group is amazing. They bring such a thirst for the word and a wealth of knowledge. And this new message series from our Pastor focuses on love, sex, and dating. I want to be apart of the conversation. There is a lot we are all trying to figure out in this new age of dating and relationship. How do we honor God with our body? How do we honor God through dating? How do we honor God through marriage? How do we honor God as a single? How do we become kingdom men? How do we become kingdom women? How do we honor God? Loads of questions God, lets get to work. I sort of bring the out-of-the box sort of question, many don’t know to ask or don’t want to ask. God has all the answers!

That’s my rambling about my 30day challenge this month. I look forward to each day, growing and learning. If we take it one day at a time, we can enjoy the moments. Don’t worry about getting ahead of others, stop latching onto comparison. You are moving in the right direction and will arrive on time. God is always on time.  Trust Him, He knows exactly where you are and how to get you to where you need to be. God is Faithful to His promises!

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22 thoughts on “Monthly Goals: February

  1. Funny how my watch word for this year is GROWTH and here, I see a post about it lol. All your goals are going to be accomplished because you have the power in you, the Holy Spirit. Blessings all the way♥️♥️🤗

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  2. I love that you’re doing the 30-day challenge [with me-lol] because it’s so much better than focusing on the year as a whole. I trust and believe I know about not stopping … I’m that way with juice. If I start I cant stop … won’t stop, but I’m getting better. Who else is doing the 30-day? We need to start a movement.

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  3. I would never be able to give up sugar! I won’t even try! I know the benefits or going without sugar are amazing, but I can’t imagine how sad my life would be without it lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😆 it’s definitely a struggle. But I’ve decrease the amount of intake. I’m only focused on avoiding chocolate. Avoiding, cakes, cookies, & donuts, too. Only because my job has it all the time, and if I don’t keep track of my sugar intake, it can get out of hand. Diabetes run in my family. Unsweetened cocoa is my best alternative or maybe dark chocolate.


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