Not always strong

Strength in public, means I’m on my knees daily at home with God. I need Gods strength every day before the world can see me. Jesus has seen my truth in private and public. God reconstruct what has been broken. Restored a Kingdom that crumbled and burn. He’s the glue to keep me together. Why do you think He’s called the Creator? Each masterpiece, holds value in Gods heart. Each one of us is connected to Gods heart. After all, He did create it.

His love completes us. God teaches through love and teaches how to share through love. I heard a saying, “How can God work in us, if He can’t work through us?” Pay it forward, so to speak. Gods love is not for you to keep to yourself. God shares His love with you, why wouldn’t you share it? God works inside of us, then He works through us to reach others. God uses us to give His children hope and a glimpse of His love.

Is there someone in need of your love? A friend, neighbor, coworker, or Boss 🤔 Check in with the loners, the life of the partier, the one who never misses a day to smile, or with yourself. “How does your heart feel?” (I’d like us to change from saying, “How are you?” Because we’ve been programmed to always respond, “I’m fine” or talk about everything else, instead of addressing the wounded heart). Be the one who listen, share a hug, and listen some more (best version of rinse, lather, repeat). People need to be heard and need someone to care. Be the friend they need. Be the shoulder they need to cry on. Give them your back to lean on. Seriously, what a difference this could make for humanity. Compassion can be very simple, and valuable.

This exchange is worth more than currency.

This week I challenge you too step out of yourself and check in with the people around you. Submerge in love, compassion, and kindness. What do you really have to lose? Allow God will use you to win others to Christ. God will never leave you feeling depleted.


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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to cultivate a life rooted Christ alone and create a simple lifestyle.

13 thoughts on “Not always strong

  1. Reading this makes me think of something my dad always says… “We can only go so long on our own battery. God is the battery that never goes out.” We need Him to help us keep going, because our strength comes from Him. Loved this message, Tiffany! You shared a valuable life gem here!

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    1. Aww thanks, and your dad was indeed very wise. God is like the energizer bunny, He just keeps going. Doesn’t seem to deplete. I’m glad, though cause I can look forward to being reenergize. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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  2. You are absolutely right … even when you feel your darkest you always tell the outside world you’re fine because somewhere it’s ingrained in us that we shouldn’t tell people everything that’s wrong because you’ll scare them away, but that’s not love, and that’s not God. So I accept this challenge to really check on folks and ask … How is your heart? I love that … by the way.

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 this post was very dear to me. Because I’ve been the one in dark, afraid to share, or scare people away. It’s still a bit of struggle, because I learning to balance the idea of trust. But, I’ve met many who don’t open up. And I’d like to think I can just be there when they’re ready to share. Just be a comfort or shoulder to lean on.

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