I had another post planned for today, but I didn’t feel it would capture what I wanted to say.

Today is officially my birthday! 🎂

And honestly all I want to say is,

Thank you God…

For your forgiveness and unconditional love

For giving me, me

For transformation

For new eyes and ears

For guiding me

For a new life, a fresh outlook

For a new walk, the confidence to move forward

For a new mindset, the gift to see the world through my writing

Thank you for giving me love, teaching me love, and using me to share your love with others

For being all-powerful, all-knowing, fully present

For never leaving my side

For tucking me under your wings and wiping my tears

For healing, forgiveness, and restoration

Thank you for the Godfidence

Thank you for God-incidences

Thank you for him

Thank you for them

God remains to be in control

Thank you for being the exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond all that I (and we) could ever have dreamed of

Thank you WordPress…

To all of you, my WordPress family I am grateful

You came along on this journey

I’ve come so far with Beutiflee, that has exceeded my expectations to thrive

Thank you all for accepting my writing, my words, my mistakes, and concerns

For sharing your world with me, too

For understanding where I was going with my thoughts and disagreeing peacefully

For making me uncomfortably inclined to take on every challenge and develop my writing

Thank you for nudging me to keep going, little did you know I truly wanted to give up

You’ve become a source of inspiration and motivation, it so contagious

I enjoy reading your content, commenting, and chatting

Thank you for being loyal and consistent,

Thank you for pushing me to see pass my own fears

Thank you for being a part of my reality

Thank you for being Lost

Some ride this has been. I’ve hit some roadblocks, detours, and made some wrong turns.

I’ve undergone some surgery, in all areas physically, mentally, and spiritually I’m feeling so much better.

Adjusting to this new sight and sound. Filtering out the negative

There is the next part of my life, I’ll step into and I had to shed some things (and people) Never easy, but always necessary

But all for a reason.

Some friends I’ve lost, I wish you well

I see, now you only played a small part in my story

Where I’m going, you were not meant to follow

Although, I shared parts of my private life with you, I don’t regret it

Because the greatest gift was I released it and God used you to receive it

I’d hope I left some gift behind for you to become a better person

I’m glad to say goodbye

Thank you for Joining me

I’ve gain some new comrades

Our friendship is very dear to me

Thank you for being patient

Thank you for accepting my differences

Thank you for accepting my laughter

Thank you for caring

Thank you for your love

Thank you for pursuing your aspirations and encouraging me along mines

Thank you for accepting my wit and humor, and at times my clumsiness

Thank you for walking the path of Faith with me,

We were not meant to follow Christ alone

Thank you for the hugs, chats, and wisdom

Thank you for the truth, even when it hurt sometimes

But you were always kind

Thank you for coming along on this ride

Thank you for the Truth

Too my dear family

We hit the ground hard last year

The final straw was pulled

I didn’t want to wait for the dust to settle

I didn’t want to see you again,

Then God shown me something different

There lives hidden deep inside

Far greater pain then I could ever seek to demise

Held hostage by a past I can’t seem to release

But God has assured me, He will win you back, shortly

Generational curse stops with me

I have been anointed the chain breaker, tipping point

We’re on the verge of a major breakthrough

Only light can overcome darkness

Only love can overcome hatred

I’ve begun the process of forgiveness, healing, and love

Allowing Faith to carry me through

For, you see, He created the heart

Only He can change it

He is working through me to reach you all

I see He is making an impact

Grace. Always. Wins.

God has you in the palm of His hands

A powerful name it is

Known by many, our Deliverer has come

I am so blessed,

Turning another page

Chapter 35,

the best part of the story

To be continued…..

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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to cultivate a life rooted Christ alone and create a simple lifestyle.

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