Prayer consumes doubt

Good morning Friends,

One thing remains true, pray is a direct line to God. What an amazing gift to be able to speak to God through prayer. He acknowledges our humility before him. God does not need us to do this. We aren’t doing him a favor. God wants us to call on him. He wants us to see Him as our only source.

Remember to thank him for what he has already done. Thank Him for the small miracles as well as the huge ones. When I look back and see how far God has pulled me out of the dark places, I thank Him. Cherish these moments, this is where peace reside. Praying without ceasing. Prayer unlocks the knowledge that God is still in control. Even though it may be taking longer than expected. God hears you, God hears me. Trust His works are good. I will trust He is faithful to His promises.

We may expect one specific thing to happen, but honestly God has many specific things put in place to happen. When you chase after God, the blessing with chase after you. Never give up on your prayers, they matter more than you think. You are not forgotten.


Pray grows you closer to Gods. Your prayers will get answered.


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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to cultivate a life rooted Christ alone and create a simple lifestyle.

3 thoughts on “Prayer consumes doubt

  1. So very true Tiffany! Praying does bring us closer to God. And He always answers our prayers! Sometimes we just get impatient waiting for the answer. But God hears us and when He hears He also answers. Great post and great encouragement! God bless you!😁

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