God has the final say

I’ve just spent an amazing weekend with my family in NY. We celebrated one of my cousins who’s getting married. The wedding is in June, so this weekend she had a bridal shower. It was a Tea Party theme, everyone look amazing and put their own twist to the tea party attire. Everyone dressed to fit their personality.

It was not the norm for my cousin. She preferred not to have the spotlight on her. But I told her to embrace the love and enjoy herself. The evening was beautiful. It’s was full of laughter, games, and exquisite food. It warmed my heart as she began to settle into the idea of being the center of attention. And I learned something new about her.

I, too don’t prefer to be the center of attention. I like to be among the group, everyone shines. But like her we enjoy mingling and making others feel valued. Seeing others have a good time, with good energy surrounding the atmosphere. Her speech encapsulated the love she felt from the room. And, she surely held back tears, (we don’t cry in public). 😆 Weird how are alike (we’re the same age, too. She’s just 2 months older then me).

On occasion, the evening hit a bump. There’s always that one family member who wants to be the center of attention. And in the past it would bother me, but I’ve learned through Christ. Hurt people hurt people. I don’t allow one persons actions or opinion stop my happiness. If I gave into their insults, then it would mean I’ve surrender my peace and power over to them. It was in the best interest, that I redirect the focus back on the bride. It was her night and it would be in our best interest to keep the atmosphere positive.

I simply said, “This is the brides night, and let’s hear what she would like to do.” Although, it turned in the favor of the unkind family member. It didn’t phase me once, because God has the final say. God is in control, which means Grace wins. I just advise my cousin to have a sit down talk before the wedding. I want her and the fiancé to have a beautiful day. The bride and I are both in agreement, family is family whether blood or not, difference are apparent, but we each have been there for each other. And we enjoy creating a positive environment for everyone. There’s no room for division.

As I’m very confident, the presence of God was in the atmosphere this weekend. The fact, that I stood alongside my cousin to support, really warmed my heart. The months leading up to the time I found out she was engaged, to the bridle shower, and now to the upcoming wedding. I’ve asked God to give me a soft heart, not of jealousy or envy, but of joy for my cousin and her fiancé.

As you all know, I am single. And it could be a hard pill to swallow in these sort of situations. In celebrating my cousin marriage, I couldn’t be more than overjoyed for her. Doesn’t mean the enemy has not tried to push my insecurities to the forefront. But God and I have a battle plan in place for such a time as this. This blessing is my cousins. God has them surrounded, I’m blessed to witness 2 best friends becoming 1. It’s beautiful.

It inspires me. Love is evident and can happen for everyone. I’m glad to celebrate her story. It’s a great page turner. It’s going to get even better. I pray for them to prosper and grow under Gods covenant. They are definitely a cute couple.

My time will come. God is in control of my love life.

God is writing my love story. I can’t wait to read it. ☺️

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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to cultivate a life rooted Christ alone and create a simple lifestyle.

7 thoughts on “God has the final say

  1. Very good Tiffany! I like how you handled things and how you are standing with your cousin like that, it’s very nice to see. And you are right, God is in control and His timing for things is always best, just keep trusting and looking to Him. Have a great day, God bless!

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  2. Marriage is a beautiful honored before God but I say be patient and good things will come. I think when your younger people always want to know why you’re not married. My daughter best friend just got married to her love after 8 years of dedication. They met when they were 15, and it’s wonderful to see those young people follow Gods plan. He has a plan for all of us, and I truly believe that good things will find you right where you are.

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