Well seasoned

Good morning,

“I have not forgotten you.” Few simple words, impacts the heart. God does not go back on His promises. This season is going to evolve into something incredible. This season you will begin to evolve. You will bloom where the Lord has you planted. This is the season you’ve been waiting for. God has been seasoning you, pruning, developing, and teaching you. This is the rewarding season. For every purpose under heaven will now be revealed.

Thank God in advance for what is coming your way. You have been believing beyond the physical senses. Keep praying, trusting, working, and moving towards God. Don’t lift your eyes off of God for one second. Your sacrifice and devotion to Him, has not gone unnoticed. Because He loves you, this time God is going to celebrate you. He will not only celebrate in secret, but He wants to put it on display. God is going to surprise you beyond anything you could have ever imagine. In this season, you’ll step into the abundant life. God will exceed your expectations and you’ll witness the truth of Gods love.

When God begins, nothing can stop the overflow, His goodness will be delivered to you. God is the source, His supply is unlimited. Don’t worry about how your resources have depleted, you’re in the right position for increase.


God, I understand these things take time. I have struggled through my growth and teachings, because of You I have not given up. Whenever I felt depleted or weary, your Daily Bread has replenish me. I have not faint, nor turn my attention away from you. Day and Night, I have knelt before You, fixed my eyes on your word, fill my heart with your words, calm my thoughts with your words, and still my love for you grows stronger. Although, the flesh is impatient, my spirit feels Your gentle touch and I return to peace. I know God, you have everything under control. I’ve waited this long, I can hold out longer, because You cease to amazing me with your awesome power.  I am the apple of your eye. 

Thank you Father, for your favor. Thank you Father, for your favor to open doors I cannot shut. Thank you Father, for making me attractive. Thank you Father, for bringing the right people into my life. Thank you Father, for the provisions. Thank you Father, for putting me in the right place, at the right time. Thank you God, for bringing me into a bountiful season. Thank you Father, for loving me. Thank you Father for endorsing me. Thank You Father, for using me to bring honor to Your name. Thank you Father, for your love. 

Wait and see for the blessings are coming this week!


My most favorite shirt, “He bore it all”. Jesus bore all our sins both past and present, even before we were born. All those who come to Christ, has access to God’s abundance of love. I am so honored with the opportunity to help spread the message of Faith using this brand.

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After a long day, a nice hot shower, I can can reward myself with some R & S, (Relax & Soothe). A great way to end the day. I love stretching out on my favorite sofa and sipping tea. Melting the stress and worries away. Combine this with my sleep album, I’m in snooze land. 💛 Self Love.

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