Monthly Goals: June

So, what have I been up to, since my last set of goals. And since we’re halfway through the year, lets do a recap:

Last month, I focus on why I started these goals. No one is perfect, I did stumble a bit, due to life. Recently, I was having a discussion with my friend and she reminded me of why it’s important to have goals. Essentially, to take small steps towards improvement and betterment of myself, but to also tap into what I’m passionate about. Moving forward, one step at a time, and even if I fall, just get back up and get to it. The importance is not to measure myself against others, but to realize I have the confidence to keep walking forward despite fears. I have to stop measuring myself against others, we are all on a different journey. Where I am going, many cannot travel.

I’ve done a lot of reflecting in May, in accordance to the goals of previous months. Turning the focus on myself, what is the main objective for these goals? Trust. I don’t trust myself to succeed, fear of failure and success. I’m good at motivating others, but its difficult to encourage and cheer for myself. Which made for a lack of consistence and to complete works. I accept challenges, but somehow allow outside interference to stifle my chances of achieving goals. I need to get back to why? Why are each of these goals important, to me? 

New goals:


Every morning, before my feet touch the ground, three simple words….Thank You, God! I meditate on one verse maybe 1-3 days a week, depending on what is heavy on my heart and mind. I take time to listen to the words and what they mean to me. Then, plug into bedside ministry (Joel Osteen, Steven Furtick, Tony Evans, etc) Honestly, it depends on what impression the Holy Spirit places on my heart. I’m currently reading a book by Tony Evans, it’s incredible. I’ll share a summer reading list soon.

Prayer isn’t only about getting what I want, although God does instruct us to bring our petitions to him; ask, seek, & knock. More importantly, this is a time for me to converse with Our Father. In these precious moments I share everything with Him, the most vulnerable parts of myself the world does not see. In an effort to release the joys and sadness, to seek comfort in Him. God loves to hear us talk, but more importantly, we don’t give Him space to talk to us. Stillness is a hard discipline to obtain, which leads to the next goal.


This has been the best thing for my health. I realized, (a) I have anxiety, (b) Inability to focus and complete task (c) Sleep depraved. I don’t know how to slowdown and shutoff my racing thoughts. Which is why I’ve discipline myself to go to the gym, as much as I can. Exercise helps produce better sleep, decrease anxiety, and melts stress away. My accountability partners definitely make sure I am consistent. I have not be consistent in the gym, but I’m reorganizing my life to accommodate time spent in the gym. Things happen in life, knocks you off track, just get back into it.

I’ll have more flexibility in the summer to be in the gym, maybe 4-5 times a week. I haven’t been consistent these last 2 months, and it will change as we head towards the end of June. I’ll never quit, I’m just not going to let Donuts win. 😆

Social Media/Blog

I’m logging off for this entire month, going to post less this month. In reality, I’m not consistent and it’s because I do have other things on my plate. Work deadlines to complete, upcoming events, leadership opportunities, devote more time to write (complete a book), and complete unfinished blog drafts. I need to reorganize my schedule and focus on what’s a priority. I’ll invest more time to reinventing my blog over the next couple of months, produce more content. I want to explore new topics and ways to develop my writing. I don’t like to be in a box. I want to give my blog and social media a full makeover.

I’ve been infected with FOMO, endless scrolling and falling into comparison trap. I’m still contemplating whether to only post once a week. How does anyone keep up with all of them and not be overwhelmed. I just need a break, from the feed and look away from the screen. Spending time looking up at the present, to enjoy the moment. June is a good, busy month for me. I think limiting the use of social media gives me a mental break and lift the pressure to be perfect/flawless/popular. I’m more of a people watcher and conversationalist without the use of apps.

Just Write

Dora said it best, “Just keep swimming”. The reason why I need to limit social media, because I want to devote my attention to writing and reading. Both fuel my creativity, passion, and increase ideas. Towards the end of last month, I finally finished a book, and returning to a space where I can write. At least, put all my ideas on paper, because I can’t keep losing sleep. It’s been a challenge to write… about me. I am opening up myself to the truth of my experiences and how I fought my way to becoming who I am. Enjoying the freedom as a single and working under Gods directive. It’s my evolution coming to the pages, and I want to share what I’ve learned throughout singlehood. I feel it could be helpful to many who are finding peace in this type of season.

As a blogger friend once said, when it’s out of your system, the Holy Spirit will advise you on what to do next. For now, just write and not worry about editing along the way. After talking to another dear friend (accountability partner), my goal is to write 2-3 days a week, and spend an hour reading. Much to my delight, I can now spend my lunch time at work reading. I have summers off from work, you’ll see more of me on WordPress. Although, I don’t think I was ever gone, anyway. 😊


The moment I stepped into serving at church, my perspective changed. The more I pour into others, the more I felt Gods abundance of love return. I have a passion to help others. Humanity is going through a shift, many are lost, afraid, deprive, and abandoned. It breaks my heart to see such devastation fall on all of God’s children, I want to help in any way I can. Lend a hand, be someone who listens, provide encouragement, or offer to pray.

The church creates opportunities to participate in outreach programs in the community. A couple months back, in an effort to raise money for NYC Relief bus, (click hyperlink for more information), the Pastor encouraged us to get a glimpse of what homeless people experience. We camped outside for a night, in front of our church, slept in cardboard boxes, and prayed for those less fortunate. The NYC Relief bus provided food, which they also serve to the homeless. Everyone gathered for this humbling experience. It just touched my heart to see everyone come out in support of a great cause.

This is one way to cultivate kindness and to spark a passion to volunteer more. There is a lot to be done, surely I can’t fix everyone’s situation, but I can make an impact in some simple way. Giving to others is a great experience, both humbling and it has open my eyes to see how we can take life for granted. I am planning to volunteer with NYC Relief bus, Food Bank, and other types of organization as much as I can throughout the summer. And I think it would be good to bring my nieces along for the experience.

What do you guys think?

What are your goals for this month?

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24 thoughts on “Monthly Goals: June

      1. 😆, I have rough drafts saved on paper and on my desktop. I actually did a series on my blog last year, but I’ve been wanting to expand on it. It got great response from my followers. It’s something God has pressing on my heart to write.

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      2. In 2 weeks, I’ll be done. I’m going to miss my students.
        You’re right, writing a book is a huge commitment. But now I’m just writing it all down and then I’ll see what happens afterwards.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. 2 answers. Teaching children is not stressful. Working in an environment where there is no leadership, yes it is stressful. It’s been quite a challenge working underneath the title as leader/Director, when they have very harsh communication skills, unable to handle situations when they arise, and don’t follow through on policies.
        Sounds like life, actually.

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      4. Yes, I always enjoyed teaching children, even though it wasn’t full time. But the work environment as you describe would be tough, I never had to worry too much about that. Sounds like you have a good attitude with the children and that always makes for a good teacher! Keep it up, enjoy your day!😄🌞

        Liked by 1 person

      5. You’re welcome, Muffin is doing great, although she doesn’t really like our recent warm weather, she likes it a bit cooler even though she likes her patch of sunshine. It was 86F inside yesterday, slightly cooler outside. Enjoy your day!😃😺

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      6. Yes, even though she is a short haired cat, it isn’t that tight short hair, it’s about an inch and a half and very thick which makes it incredibly soft, but probably too much insulation for summer.😁😸

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