More Than Just Coffee….

More Than Just Coffee

Hey ladies,

What is going on in our world? Is this the world I want to raise my daughter? Fear, inferiority, less pay, and disrespect. And even our president sets the tone for the people. He’s not setting a good example as a man, either. Don’t you see it and hear it everyday. Women, what is going on?

Do you know what I believe? She will walk by faith, and not by sight. Now more then ever women need to stand united and teach our young girls the power they posses. We have the right to say NO, we have the right to protect our integrity, respect, and body. You can walk away from a job that treats women inferior. We need to stand united for all women who enduring sexual assaults, harassment, and disrespect. We need to stand together against the injustice.

We can’t allow some men to violate and mistreat women like an object. Especially those in upper management. Men do not have dominion over women and no one has the right to violate a women’s body. No one. We are stronger in numbers. We are stronger with our voice. Never turn the other way, roll your sleeves up and get in there to support each other. Its devastating to hear all of these things happening.

Taking advantage of a woman when they say NO, does not give you permission to keep doing it. Its not a playful joke or flirtatious gesture. When we say NO, thats exactly what it means. Women we are not inferior to any man. They are COWARDS. They are weak little boys who think they have control. I’m a very firm believer in GOD, when I say GOD has your back, trust me He is your protection. You are GODS precious gem, you are made in his image. Beautifully and wonderfully made in Gods image.

No one has the right to violate anyone. And that even applies to men, too. Some men experience form of violation, too. Especially from women, we just don’t hear much about it. There needs to clear definition on what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. Women we demand respect, but so do men. Both sides need to be very clear about how uncomfortable certain actions, behavior, and even words can make someone feel. Don’t stay silent and think it will pass. Use the voice you have to speak up and loud. We all deserve kindness and respect.

But we need to define the conduct on how men and women should be treated. And stand up to say No when there is injustice.

Unite we stand!


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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to nurture a life rooted in the scriptures and a quiet, gentler lifestyle.

3 thoughts on “More Than Just Coffee….

  1. I agree with you totally Tiffany! Glad you included men too, it’s amazing sometimes what a man has to endure or leave a job, I speak from experience, I just left and got a different job. But that’s not always an easy choice, especially if you are supporting a family. I was single, so it was easy for me. Good post for sure!🙂

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