Monthly Goals: July

Where have you been?

Recycling post. Minimal communication.

MIA from social media

I needed a break. I needed time away. I needed to be me. I wanted a chance to breathe. Brain break. It was going into overload.

Refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenate.

Took a trip with some my friends, down the shore, and put my phone down. I was able to look away from the screen and embrace relaxation. We went to Bridgefest, a christian event welcoming all churches, pastors, believers and nonbelievers to learn more about God. What I enjoyed most, were the speakers. Tons of information to unpack from sermons. The message is, we have to love people as God does, regardless of the life they choose to live.

The afternoon was incredible, a performance from Big Daddy Weave. They brought me to tears, with their song “Overwhelmed”. It’s powerful to hear a live band, enriched the experience spiritually and physically. The lyrics and sound reached a new level of spirituality. Holy Spirit moved in the atmosphere. Everyone was on their feet, in unison, and love surround the atmosphere. Tyler Schluer, from The Voice open for Big Daddy Weave. Wow, he has an incredible voice. His testimony of faith, beautiful. I’m definitely downloading his latest song.

I’d say, I miss the Beach and I want to go back!

Alright, lets do a recap,

June Goals


Surprisingly, consistent with my goals. I’ve decided to read the bible in its entirety. Personally, take time to read, take notes, study, and learn the history. This sound like it could take more than a year, 😆. Committed to attend the gym 4 times a week. Mostly for the classes. Not to lose weight, although it is a bonus, but to feel better mentally. Great stress reliever. Slow return to social media. Seriously, it snatches me up. Scrolling is addictive, y’all. I don’t need the distraction. Setting a time limit on how much is spent on there. It’s about self-control, and breaking away from FOMO. I have the entire summer to write, read, and work. As a brand ambassador, blogger, and writer, I do need to use social media to connect to the audience. But, I do need to give myself a break sometimes. I’m volunteering more with the church and community based organizations. I want to give back to the community and help others.

New Goals: 

Vision Board: I’ll be working on this soon. Need to purchase a cork board first. This is exactly what we all need. A vision of my goals in my face every day. 😆 It’s great to visualize and be reminded of our goals. It helps to stay on target. What we see consistently, most often we move towards it.

Blog: Making some changes to my blog. Why did I start this blog? Is a question I keep running into. In the beginning, I created the blog to rekindle my passion to write. It would seem, yes, I have been able to do that. The topics I used from the beginning, don’t quite align to the vision and growth of my journey now. This blog voices my discovery to self and encourage others. I’m a thinker, observer, and curious about everything. I’ve sat back and taken in what has been happening around the global and even outside my window.  I want my writing to reflect those thoughts and spark discussion. I want this blog to speak about the “whys”. I want to speak on topics, we find are taboo, when they really shouldn’t. I want to create a space to discuss various POV many of us have not witnessed or ever heard. We can only grow/evolve through understanding. Maybe even take Beutiflee onto youtube. 🤔 Just Maybe.

Yoga: I admit this…. I’m obsessed with Yoga. Found a great deal on Groupon. I purchase a monthly pass, much less then if I actually purchased from the studio. The purpose of Yoga isn’t to achieve flexibility, its a bonus. Quite honestly, I’m not even close. 😆 It is about balance, I never thought I’d be able to achieve. Focused on the core, to optimize poses. It’s not a coincidence, the core is where ones spirit resides. A stronger core lends to proper alignment and increase flexibility.  Resting at the core, I our connect with my spirituality. A deeper connection with God. There are those who oppose yoga, due to its history. My instructor, doesn’t do chants. She speaks english, a relaxed tone, and seeks to encourage the students along the practice. We learn to love the body we have and live in. Learn to breathe properly, which we take lightly. I’m sure many of us don’t realize we never breathe while engaging with intense exercises. I tend to forget, but thanks to her I remember now. I stretch muscles, limbs, I haven’t moved since childhood. Helping to alleviate headaches, backaches, cramps, and any physical ailment. It’s not the ultimate cure for everything. You still need to see a medical professional. I’m interested in becoming an instructor myself.

Leader: I currently lead the volunteer team every last Sunday of the month. Leading the College Life Group activities for the summer.  I feel God is not done, yet.  I’m praying on another opportunity to open up at church. There is an opening coming up, I’ve praying God will help me to step into it.  Let’s put it this way, I’m asking God is this where you need me? Plus, there are opportunities coming up at my job. I’m walking into new position, but against my own fears. I’m moving into new territories, with faith carrying me through. Will I make mistakes? Of course, we’re not exempt from them. They teach us how to rise and move forward. I’m going to keep putting one step forward, trusting myself and God. I’ve trusted Him in my journey thus far, why stop now. Well, at least I have to try.

There is so much on my bucket list. I’m seeking a more purposeful life. I want to achieve so much, but don’t want anxiety to get the best of me. My purpose has to align with Gods plan. He knows exactly what I need and how I need to do it.



We’re all skeptical, at first, I was too. Does this really work? 🤨 Its so much more than weight loss. I got tired of complaining and wanted to do something about my health. Natural ingredients, simple to read. It’s about the relationship between you and your body. Your health matters. Give yourself a break and the love it deserves. This company helped changed my perspective on health. They aren’t just saying it, I’m living it. Change starts from the inside and radiance on the outside. I took a chance, because I matter, and You matter, too. Your first step, starts here. Invest in you!

💛 Self Love.

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  1. Wonderful goals Tiffany, keep at it! We all need to get in line with what God wants for our lives and be willing to move forward in that trusting Him all the way! Have a great evening!😃😺

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