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I may have overdone it, again! Purchased more books and add it to my unread stack. Someone needs to revoke my Barnes and Noble discount card, 😆.

I like to enjoy a snack to pass the time. I’ve already started on this pack:

Banana Date Nut Bread Crisp

Its a delightful treat. I love banana bread, especially with nuts baked in. But with dates, it was a great combination. I thoroughly enjoy this, but its even better with vanilla ice cream. Yummy😋! You can find it at your local Trader Joe’s.

Currently, I’m in between books, 3 actually. I’m surprised I could actually keep up. I’ve expand to include other genres. I highly recommend all of them, but the last two books are the best gifts. Both were recommended to me and I’m blessed to have them in my possession. The first one is my absolute favorite author. LOL!

James Patterson books:
The President is Missing// Alex Cross: Target// 1st to Die

He always brings the best mysteries to life. I love to solve cases, figure out clues, enthralled by the action, and surprise endings. When Alex Cross isn’t nose deep in cases, he’s trying to keep up with his family. There’s humor and drama all wrapped inside neatly. I love the style of Patterson writing, and versatility of writing the characters. Each is unique and has there own separate identity. He targets a variety of audiences. I believe he has over 4 or 5 different series. How does he do it? I haven’t even gotten through all of the Alex Cross series. But I’m going to start the Women’s Murder Club series, next month. I can’t wait to get open it. I recommend giving James Patterson a try. If you like Harlen Coben or Nancy Grace, you’ll definitely like Patterson.

Tony Evans: Kingdom Single

I listen to his daughter, Priscilla Shirer preach. I can certainly see how his teaching has impact her growth into ministry. I started to listen to his Singles series. It’s a great message, supported by biblical facts and not for the faint. Listening to his messages, has given me the confidence to walk through this temporary season. We only see singlehood from our perspective, but what does God have to say about it? Tony Evans draws from the Bible Gods POV of why we are called to be Kingdom Singles. Evans unpack a lot, so you might need pen and notebook. We’re going on a journey. The truth of why singles are, in my opinion, most valuable. God has a purpose and a plan for all singles. Two important questions to keep in mind: Who am I? What is my purpose? God, has the answers.

KJV: The Henry Morris Bible Study

This is a personal pursuant. I’m not one to do the bible 365 days study. They never work for me, because I don’t feel one can fully grow in such a short time. It seems more like a checklist. Gods word is a breathing document. It’s the oxygen we need. The bible should leave a lasting impression on the receiver. I want to learn and understand the KJV, because its as close to the original language as we can get. I know theologies will say otherwise, and everyone has their opinion/preference. I can’t help to think, sometimes the truth can be lost in the other translations. The Bible is a guide to how we ought to live in this world. I’ve seen the impact in my life already. Plus, this adds in historical, scientific facts and evidence supporting the truth about the Bible. This is not a light read. It will certainly take more than a year to get through it. I have plenty of time to grow and transform.

Reading is very relaxing and a great escape.

How’s everyone summer going?

What books are you currently reading?

We’re all skeptical, at first, I was too. Does this really work? 🤨 It’s not only about weight loss. I got tired of complaining and wanted to do something about it. I came across this brand, where I could actually read the ingredients and learn of its benefits. I gave it a try, started with the Detox pack (Skinny & Colon). After ridding my body of all the toxins, I felt lighter and inflammation went away. I learn to love my body the right way. To achieve great skin and body, it needs to start inside.  Give your body the love it deserves. Change your perspective on your health. I took a chance, because I matter, and You matter, too. Your first step, starts right here. Invest in you!  Teami

💛 Self Love.

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5 thoughts on “Cozy Corner

  1. I’m still on my Stephen King reading binge. I’ve read Dr. Sleep, and I’m currently The Bazaar of Bad Dreams which is a compilation of short stories. I have one chapter left and I’m done. Next on my list is The Whisper Man, by Alex North and Revival, Stephen King. I hope you’re enjoying your summer — Wye

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    1. I am. Humidity is rough. And it’s going to get worst this weekend 🥵. I finally got an AC, so it’ll help. I just finished The President is Missing. I thought it was a bore, but as I got further into the book it was brilliantly written and captivating. The ending, I can tell Bill made those remarks in reflection of what’s going on in the political world now. It’s a must read.


  2. Hi Tiffany, I usually do my reading in the winter as summers are generally too busy for me. I have the Henry Morris study Bible and I think it is great. I actually got it a few years ago and enjoy all the notes he has in there. I think the KJV is the one to use also and I don’t find it hard to understand, after all it’s the Holy Spirit that helps us to understand anyway. Have a great weekend! Might check out those other books for my winter reading list.

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