It’s all He ever wanted

We’re all broken.

He knows.

God accepts us all. He will take the broken pieces and mend the wounds. We always feel we can never measure up enough to ever reach His love. We will never understand the limitless love of God. There is nothing to measure it against. God is the only one who can heal the scars. He is the Creator. 

There was a point in my life, I can still remember it was yesterday. I was lying on the bed listening to “The hurt and the healer” by MercyMe. The lyrics moved me to tears, like a flood. I hadn’t realized, in the moment I held onto so much and I couldn’t hold back the tears. I’d always thought I couldn’t cry, but this night I released it all. I let my pain bleed through my tears. I was holding myself hostage to the pain. I let myself feel through the wounds. After, this day I cried every single night. I was going through a lot, dealing with the bruises of the past. Facing the failures, feeling ashamed of who I was, and living with tons of regret. An extreme perfectionist and a people-pleaser. I got tired of living this life. The burden was to much to live up too.

This song was my release. This song introduced me to God. I cried out for God, to rescue my heart. I was torn between my own stubbornness versus giving my life over to God. I’d held back a lot of my pain because I didn’t want to appear weak. I didn’t want to show my vulnerabilities. I thought, if only I can bury the pain, then I can hide the scars and bandaged the wounds. I relied on my own strength.

Those lyrics chisel away into my heart. My tears sang and I fell asleep with the healer. Healing is a process. No one knew what I’d gone through in the silence. I slept in the comforts of the darkness. The truth is I felt abandoned and alone. Carrying the weight of life on my shoulder, being shun away by family and friends.  I had no one to turn to for help. My self-inflicted criticism, won the best of me. I had no strength to defeat the enemies lies. Here’s the truth I am not strong. I boast about my weakness, because God is my source of strength. We go through defeat mindsets. My Christianity doesn’t exempt me from those afflictions. Christianity means I love rely on God, my source of life. All my hope never dies, because I believe God is alive in me.

This message is clear,

We can’t escape from the hurt. But God does exist. He is your Comforter and Healer. Every scar, every bruise, in this world, and in the darkness, God can rescue you. There is a light so bright it blinds the dark. Faith is a flame which never burns out.

God won’t turn his back on you. You are enough for God. He has never stopped loving you.

He sees you.

He can find you.

He can pull you out.

He loves you!

“I am here. I am with you.” When we surrender the hurt to God, then we will see His love pour out. He is gentle and caring. Let down your guard to accept Jesus. He knows life hasn’t been easy. I can promise you, in Jesus you will find hope. You will be able to claim the life, He promises to give you. God’s love.

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