Why do I offend you?

How many times do you hear someone say this?

Men feel intimidated by a strong, independent, and confident woman.

Really?! Why?

I’d love to have a man strong, independent, and confident (not prideful). I don’t feel intimidated by him. This is not a competition. We’ve both have our own purpose and destiny to lead. We should love and support each other. Not tear each other down. I don’t need to be at odds or against him. A relationship isn’t war.

Everyone is dealing with some sort of insecurity. Some fight through it, others give into defeat. Insecurity can blindside you from seeing your potential. I fight to overcome my criticisms, because I am worth fighting for. I am learning to become my own cheerleader. When everyone leaves the room, you’re left standing alone, who else can you depend on? Of course, my faith is the greatest support. If I didn’t have God, I wouldn’t be who I am.

I didn’t choose to be single. I am single. I am here to fulfill Gods plan and purpose on earth. There is a season for singlehood and a season for marriage. My focus isn’t about chasing men, it’s about pursuing God. I’m chasing after my God-given destiny. Discovering my gifts with Gods power to lead the lost sheep back home. I’m no different then any human being trying to cope with life. Working hard to put a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food on the table.

I’m not here to stroke egos and appease everyone. We’re all dealing with stuff, many of us don’t expose publicly. We’re all dealing with silent wars. God certainly sees your battles. He sees exactly what’s going on. Behind closed doors; I’m tired, defenseless, and broken, this fight against the world is endless. Daily, I take up my armor before I go defeat the giants.

How about seeing the same woman give to others, even when she knows she doesn’t have enough to support her own. How about seeing the same woman sit with those less fortune, pray over them, and give them a shoulder to cry on. How about seeing the same woman encourage others when her own heart is broken and the weight of her own circumstances are heavy. How about seeing the same woman work 2 jobs to afford a roof over her head.  Stop deflecting your insecurities onto me. Burying me, won’t make any of it go away. Stop allowing your insecurities to hold you hostage.

Philippians 4:13: I can do all things through Christ, who strengths me.

My strength comes from the Lord. I force my way through fears and doubts, to become the confident woman, you see. My mission isn’t to win popularity, but to rescue many who are broken and give them hope. Sowing seeds of greatness and spreading Gods love. Rescuing those from the dark to adjust their sights on the light. Don’t tear me down because you haven’t stand against your own fears. I want you to win the battle raging inside. Get out of inferiority and step into your identity.

I have been there. Trapped, caged, and bound. Honestly, many of us don’t realize we’re starving. Starving our spirits with negativity. It’s feeding off your insecurities. Let me introduce you too the Daily Bread. There’s a seat for you at the table. You don’t need to do it alone. Taste and see who God truly is. You will never go hungry. The main ingredient is Jesus. Come let me show you, let me share how Jesus saved me. Let me explain to you why He is the Comforter and Deliverer. Why being single has set me free. It’s a temporary season, and I’d like to help season you.

The question isn’t Why do I offend you?

Instead ask yourself, why am I offended by others?

We’re so easily distracted in believing others have it better. You only get to see the finish product, but miss the production. You’ve not seen the giants I had to face or the battles I fought to overcome. Victory looks beautiful from a distance, but take a closer look I come with battle scars. My strength is found in Christ. I will gladly boast about my weakness for Jesus is my rock.

You don’t need someone in a shining armor with a sword. Watch as God and you win the battles.

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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to cultivate a life rooted Christ alone and create a simple lifestyle.

12 thoughts on “Why do I offend you?

  1. This was so in line with my post that you and I talked on recently. People’s insecurities about their own lives gets thrown out on innocent people because they feel that those people have it better than them. Like you said, the final product is only seen. They haven’t seen the behind the scenes footage to get that final product. We’re all trying to survive in life. We all have our own struggles. It’s no race or competition. Really awesome post, Tiffany!

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  2. Very good post Tiffany! I know my strength is in the Lord, but lately I just keep getting knocked flat on my back and have to keep getting up, only to get knocked down again. Never been through anything like this before and it’s wearing me out. But what you said here was a real help, thanks Tiffany for sharing it. I hope you have a great weekend.🙂😺🌞

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    1. Yea, I understand. I keep asking God, “when am I going to make it to the top of the mountain?”
      But the other side is, “God thanks for giving me the strength to get back up.” We’re not defeated, but we will always have giants to slay. And we’re not alone.

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      1. That is so true, God keeps giving strength to get back up again. Sometimes it feels like being all alone. Thanks for the encouragement! Have a wonderful day Tiffany!😁😸🌞🌳

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