Monthly Goals: August

Whoa! I can’t believe this is the last month of summer.

I’ll be alright. At least I have 3 weeks to enjoy. I return to work the last week of August. I’m going to submerge myself in summer before I have to go back to the work grind.  I’m not ready to enter another war zone.  For now, I’ll enjoy the pleasantries of this summer. Humidity has been cooling down. I can enjoy time outdoors and not melt.

July Recap,

1. No vision board created, but I’ve made it through goals.

2. Still making changes to the blog, as far as the content. I’ve partnered with brands.

3. Yoga, still apart of my health regimen.

4. “God doesn’t call the equip, He equips those whom He calls.” I am waiting on a final decision for a new position. Plus, I am considering pursuing a new career path.

New Goals:

Fun list.


Although, I have made it too the beach most of the summer. I am not giving up on the sea. I want to soak up all of its beauty.  I love it. And this year, all of the cousins are planning a beach day. We could never find the time to get together. Since, we have all been adulting, getting married, having babies, and building empires. Hopefully, we all make it. Our family is expanding, and we’re the next generation to setup gatherings. I pray we can all come together.


My nieces are my world. I love spending time with them. I think a trip to the zoo would be fun. Plus, they’ve added new exhibits. Bonding time with them is great. Gives me a chance to put my phone away and cherish the experience. They’re growing up so fast. I love them dearly.


I have met guys. Due to the nature of my relationship with God, this seems to deter them. (This a topic for another post). I’ll like meeting people. I’ve come to learn more about myself, as I grow deeper in my relationship in God. God, knows who I need. He’ll introduce us. I won’t do dating apps, but I don’t mind blind dates. In the mean time, Hi, I don’t believe in swipe left or right. I prefer someone kind and humble, eye contact, 2-way conversations, and someone who can make me laugh. ☺️


A group of us from church reach out to different shelters to provide hygiene kits, clothing, any essentials, prayer, and just have conversations. Each of us purchase the items to give away. Our next trip involves going to a homeless shelter, providing for 100 men, women, teenagers, and children. It’s a big task, for 12 people, but we’re praying God multiples what we can provide and send us more disciples to help.

I don’t believe in a heavy workload of nonsense. I believe in working for a purpose and a goal. We think looking busy and reaching success is what defines us as “We made it” or “We fit in”. There needs to be a purpose behind everything you do. (Cause & Effect) I’d hope to make an impact in some capacity, whether locally or globally. I’m focused on being a trend. It’s all about being the Force of Change.

We’re all skeptical, at first, I was too. Does this really work? 🤨 It’s not only about weight loss. I got tired of complaining about my body. I came across this brand, where I could actually read the ingredients. I gave it a try, started with the Detox pack (Skinny & Colon). After ridding my body of all the toxins, I felt lighter and inflammation went away. I learn to love my body the right way. To achieve great skin and body, it starts inside.  Give your body the love it deserves. Change your perspective on your health. I took a chance, because I matter, and You matter, too. Your first step, starts right here. Invest in you!  Teami

💛 Self Love.

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