in the Room

As the sun sets

In the room

they all sit still

death feels the air

tears sing in the night

she was only 12yr

Whispers fill the room

“She is dead”

an innocent lay to rest

Her spirit is no longer with them


He steps inside the door


Steps into the room

His light pierce the darkness

One by one they leave the room


He remains


is in the room

They are alone,

He and the girl are left alone

In the room

Outside the door

They mourn the lost

A lost innocent


Wait, I hear

What is that noise

An unusual sound

Sounds like footsteps

Scampering of little feet

‘How could it be’

They’re puzzled expressions,

she died

they were certain

She stopped breathing

they were sure

I touched her

and she was cold

I touched her

and she was stiff

I touched her

and absolutely

surely she was dead

What happened inside

Inside of the room

He was in the room

She was in the room

They were in the room

One spirit, the other death

In the room,

She was with the resurrected one

She was surrounded by pure Light

His light melted away the darkness

Removed her veil

For He is life

in the room,

He never abandoned her

Never forsake her

As long as Jesus is in the room,

she could get back up

As long as Jesus is in the room,

she awoke from a deeper slumber

In the room

Jesus is the resurrection one.

As long as Jesus is in the room, You will never be alone. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He is Love. And He gives it freely to his children.

I heard this story and it spoke to me. I have been through abandonment. By friends, family, and even myself. But Jesus stayed with me in the room. When everyone left, Jesus remain. In cane into the room and never left me alone.

Pray with me:


If everybody forsakes me

If everybody abandons me

If everybody leaves me

If I am standing alone

As long as You are in the room, Jesus

I Can Get Back Up Again

I want to be in the Room with Jesus 🙏🏼

(Updated: 08/24/19)

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    1. Oh my how did I miss your comment. Thank you! Not necessarily for Easter, but it is befitting. I was inspired by a sermon I was listening to. So the Holy Spirit guided me to write it. I’m glad you like it. ☺️ how are you?

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