Autumn tag: Get to know me

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What excites you the most about Autumn? 

I love the sweater weather, enjoy a hot drink: apple cider and hot cocoa (with tiny marshmallows). Autumn brings out the most beautiful colors. It makes for great pictures to put on my blog.

What smells makes you think of Autumn?

I love the smell of apple cinnamon and pumpkin pie. Everyday I love to diffuse Thieves and Frankincense from Young Living. Its prefect at night I help me sleep. I love their oils. I dab a little of Thieves on my skin as a perfume or carry it in my bag to refresh.

What’s your favorite hot beverage to drink in Autumn? 

I’m obsessed with hot cocoa with almond milk, delicious! I’m loving hot apple cider.

Do you like Pumpkin Spiced Latte or Spiced Chai?


What’s your favorite autumn movies?

Nothing compares to Hallmark movies and mysteries. It’s sort of a tradition for me to watch Charlie Brown Halloween special & Harry Potter.

What’s your favorite autumn books?  

Umm, I just read whatever grabs my attention. I’ll post soon.

What’s your favorite fragrance to wear in Autumn? 

Young Living oils: Thieves, Stress Away, Lavender, & Peppermint. Stress Away and Lavender, OMGosh it’s amazing for sleep. And rubbing Stress Away on the temples helps to relieve stress and anxiety. I can diffuse and apply topically. I love rubbing on my skin, (dilute with carrier oil: olive or coconut oil) it calms me throughout the day. And keep it in my bag to refresh. I use some fragrances, but I prefer Young Living essential oils.

What’s your favorite lipstick to wear in Autumn?

I love dark brown colors and nudes. I’d wear Anastasia’s: Veronica, Stripped, & Heathers. I wanted to try a different brand, L’Oreal: Fairest Nude & Toasted Almond. It feels buttery smooth and moisturizing. I’m definitely going to purchase other colors. I prefer a more neutral colors to match my skin tone and natural makeup (minimal coverage).

Halloween or Bonfire Night? 

I love Bonfires when friends gather to pray, laugh, eat delicious food, and chat about serious topics (dating, guys, life goals, & encourage each other).

What are your favorite foods to eat in Autumn?

Thanksgiving of course: turkey, yams, cranberry sauce, potato salad, collard greens, stuffing.. I want all the calories and don’t forget the desserts. YUMMY!

What is my favorite candle to burn in Autumn?

I don’t burn candles anymore, but I do love the scent of apple cinnamon or apple pie, 😋.

Weirdest Halloween treat to eat? 

The candy corn, yuck! I don’t eat anything weird. Chocolate is my favorite.

Favorite way to spend a rainy day?

Cozying up on my couch, under a blanket, sipping on hot cocoa and watching Harry Potter. Or play soft music and listen to the rain fall. Or read a book. Seriously, my couches are so comfy I end up sleeping on them most nights. LOL!

These are just a few things you know about me. I have more to come. Stay Tuned.

To Be Continued….

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