Autumn Tag: Get to know me pt.2

1. Describe your feelings of fall’ rain in three words. 

 Peaceful, Calm, Romantic

2. What are your plans for this fall season? 

 Pumpkin picking, blog more, spend quality time with myself, with friends and family.

3. Silent nights or windy ones? What do you love more about the falls? 

 Both, its a balance. But when its like the warm wind, I can walk around the park. 

4. Share your best memory for the autumn season? 

I have a new memory. I took my sister and nieces to a farm. It was a blessing. My sister and I have had a rough relationship, this experience will be something I’ll cherish. I hope to have many more. 

5. What is your favorite scent for the fall season?

Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Young Living Essential Oils

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6. What is your favorite autumn movie?

    Charlie Brown, The Great Pumpkin. It’s coming on twice this year. 

7. What’s the most beautiful thing about the fallen leaves?

    The colors, but its sort of inspirational. The old has gone and the new will be coming soon. Transformation

8. Do you enjoy movies in the bed or near the fire?

I’d say near the fire, its so romantic. I’d love if both of us could snuggle up in front of the fireplace while reading a book or talk about life. The simplest things can be intimate. 

9. In the autumn, what do you enjoy most with your partner?

Currently single, but I know He’s coming soon. I’d love to have deep and meaningful conversations, take walks in the park, cook him dinner, and get to know each other. First question I’d ask him, “What took you so long?” 😆

10. Do you ever go hiking in autumn? If yes, how was the experience?

Not yet, but I am going with my friends from church. 

11. Describe the romantic nature of the fall season in one sentence.

There is beauty in letting go of the old and make room for something new. 

12. Watching TV or Racking leaves? What do you prefer in the autumn?

Racking leaves, because I can create piles to jump in with my nieces. 

13. What is your favorite fall color?

 Burgundy, olive green, brown, and orange. 

14. Autumn or winter? What do you like the most?

Autumn because its not to cold, but has a touch of warmth. Plus, I love to wear sweaters without having to wear lots of layers.

15. Autumn or spring. In your opinion, what’s more romantic?

Autumn, because I love to snuggle. Also, Spring which represents new begins.

16. What is your favorite dress code for the fall season? 

I love off the shoulder sweaters, big sweaters with jeans, and ankle boots. My go-to is always a Buttons down shirt pair with distressed jeans and boots. I’ll throw on a dress. 

17. Do you believe that autumn fall season should be the wedding season?

It’s a lovely season to get married. 

18. What could be a perfect date for the autumn season? 

I’d like to sit outside under the stars, bonfire, and enjoy long talks over hot apple cider. I love to take a stroll through the park, sit a look out at the city lights, an talk. Being outdoors, creates a comfortable setting to talk and enjoy the moment. 

19. Fall day or fall night. Which one looks more beautiful to you? 

     Fall nights are so romantic 

20. The smell of pumpkin guts or rotting leaves. What do you love? 

      Neither, why is this a question 🤨

21. Have you ever tried pumpkin carving? If yes, so how was the experience?

      No, its too messy. And I’m clumsy, I’d end up cutting myself. 

22. What is your favorite movie scene related to the autumn? 

Hallmark has the best movies.

23. What type of music do you like in the fall season?

      Currently listening to worship music, Bethel Music. 

24. Hat or cap? What do you prefer in the autumns?

      I’m into caps. 

25. Haunted house, haunted food ride, or haunted corn maze? What do you like in the autumn season?

      Neither, what Haunt Food ride? 😧

26. Share your feelings when you see the birds migrating?

      Wait for me. 🏃🏻‍♀️

27. Do you like baking in the autumn season?

I love to make pumpkin cheesecake and banana cake. Honestly, I want to try to bake more.

28. Racking leaves or climbing trees. What’s your favorite in the autumn season?

      I like to climb trees. Feel like a kid again. 

29. What types of music do you love to listen in the fall season?

I only listen to worship music. 

30. Which song you often sing in the autumn?

Currently, Elevation Worship, “First and Only”, Hillsong Live, “I Surrender”, & Red Rocks Worship, “Be Still” 

31. What is your favorite food in the fall season?

    Apple Pie right out of the oven with vanilla bean ice cream. 😋

32. Halloween or Thanksgiving. Which one is your favorite day? (For the people in UK, you can change thanksgiving with the Harvest Festival) 

    Thanksgiving, I want all there is to offer.

33. Wool or knit sweaters? What do you like to wear in the fall season?

    Wool or knit sweaters, depends on the style and mood I’m in. I want to be comfortable and put together.

34. Do you like to explore haunted places in the falls?


35. Which place do you love to visit in the autumn season?

   Parks and coffee shops. I like to go to both places to read or enjoy the atmosphere. If there’s live music that’s perfect

36. Fairy lights or candles? What is your choice in the falls?

   I’d say Young Living Oils. I love diffusing Joy (in the mornings) and Peace and Calm (at night)

37. How do decorate your room in the falls?

   I love shopping in Home Goods. They even opened a Home Sense.

38. What comes in your mind when you see the leaves fallen down?

    The old is leaving and the new is coming soon. 

39. What three things you love to keep in your room for the falls?

    I have these clear colored pumpkins, and I just got one with the words “blessed” carved into it. 

40. What is your favorite tea flavors in the fall?

   I drink Teami teas. My favorite is Refresh, Alive, and Chai. I can make Chai Lattes.

41. In your opinion, which leaves have the best color in the fall season?

    The tricolor ones. 

42. Which is your most loved pumpkin-based food?

    Pumpkin pies

43. October or November? What’s your favorite month in the autumns?


44. Do you enjoy feeling the cold air, or do you wrap up warm?

    I tend to wrap up warm. I love to wear my big scarf and bomber jacket. 

45. In the falls, do you love traveling or enjoying the season at home?


46. Are you more energetic during the autumn season, or more laid back?


47. Name a person whom you loved and really miss in the fall season.  

   I’ll miss my great cousin. She recently passed but lived until the age of 102

48. What do you feel at the end of fall season?


49. Share your favorite quote related to the autumn. 

What does Autumn mean to you?

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