Peace, Be Still

It seems everything is important, a priority. We’re always in work mode, business comes first. You’re in denial about burnout. Even avoiding signs. We don’t stop to listen to our body. We’re not mechanical to work without limits. Expecting so much of ourselves, to the point of fatal exhaustion.

We cannot do it all. And guess what? That’s ok. It’s ok to say I can’t move forward right now. My body just can’t do it today. I need time to rest. I’ve learned a great deal of this in the last couple of months. I wear many hats and fulfill a lot of task. I find myself running on empty, so to speak. The result cause me to be on bed rest for an entire week. I had to stop everything to refocus on my health.

I’m not one to use sick days or abuse my personal days. I’d feel guilty about it. Sometimes it’s valid to reward yourself with rest. Take time off. No one is 💯 all the time. We are born with limitations, it doesn’t make us less valuable. It’s in our best interest to take special care of the body. Your health is very important.

Be Still.

God meant for us to sit down and give Him authority. It’s not easy for anyone to do. At times it’s hard to achieve. It can be beneficial to one’s mental and physical health. Reframe from a state of urgency to get every task completed. It’s simply best to let go and close the book. Which is what my family and friends seem to always remind me.

Give yourself the treat, rest.

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