Over the course of this year, a lot has occur to this nation. One thing remains, the spirit of Giving Thanks or Thanksgiving. I love these gatherings, I come from a huge family. I’m excited to have everyone together. I’m even more excited about the food, conversations, and games. These are the times, we should enjoy.  Surrounded by people who love you makes the heart blossom. Sharing this love turns many hearts into a bountiful garden.

Consider some of these ideas:

thanks 4 givingEveryone is valuable. Maybe this year, invite a friend, coworker, student, family, or (the homeless person you pass on the way to work) to a meal. We can give money, but sharing a meal together matters more. Show someone the gift of love.


thanks 4 givingGet in touch with a Soup Kitchen to serve and spread joy.  Maybe even offer to pray with them, break bread with them. Invite some friends to join you and bring along some dessert, too.


thanks 4 givingMaybe you recently cleaned your closet and found some unused clothing. Why not give it to someone in need. I’m sure the homeless person you pass on the way to work could use them. What was less valuable to you, can be treasure to someone else. Share kindness.


thanks 4 givingCoordinate with a school or library to ask people to donate non-perishable or can goods to take to a local shelter. It would be a great way to teach children acts of Kindness. Bonus: why not have students create thank you cards or letters.

thanks 4 givingWe all have much to be thankful for, why not share it with others. We must not show pity towards those less fortunate, but doing such a simple act will remind them they are human and they are loved. And remind the world acts of Kindness, Compassion, and Humility are not lost.

Let’s try something different this year.

Let’s spread love beyond the comforts of our own home or away from the malls. Share gratitude with others who are searching for Love and Hope. We can take a lesson from Jesus!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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