Beauty Gift Guide

This post contains affiliate links.  I love these products a lot and wanted to share them with you. Please refer to Disclaimer for more information.

It’s that time of the year. Gifts, sales, wrapping paper. Oh my! Of course, gift cards and cash are always the easiest option. The joy of giving a gift is a special sentiment.

Sometimes, the effort behind the gift warms the heart. A gift can show the recipient how much you value and appreciate them. It doesn’t require much effort. Take it from me, sometimes Pinterest isn’t always easy. I’d like to propose some suggestions:

1. Butterfly Mist. The most beautiful smell. I wish it was a fragrance. I use it as toner, makeup setter, or to refresh my skin. The main ingredients include Aloe Vera, Butterfly Pea Powder, Witch Hazel, and Lavender essential oil. When it’s kept in the refrigerator, it’s a great way to hydrate my skin and reduce skin inflammation. This is perfect for all skin type.

Tis the season to be Jolly!

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2. Green tea facial scrub. It has a lemon smell. Not only do I use it for my face, but it’s a great body scrub. As you rub it on the skin, suds will appear. It’s perfect for exfoliating the skin of dead skin and reduces ingrown hairs. I used it mostly as a body scrub. It contains superfood ingredients: Matcha Green Tea, Lemongrass, and Sugar


3. Flamingo. I spotted this in Target. Heard about it, so naturally I was curious. It comes in various colors, but Target only had Mint & Gold. It has a razor handle, five-blade cartridges, and shower holder. I love the close shave it gives. No skin irritation, niches, or razor bumps. I enjoy my shaving experience more.


4. ESO Vanilla Shaving Cream. This has been a stable in my shaving ritual. When applied it feels creamy and moisturizing. I can get a close shave without getting any cuts. My skin feels so smooth. I have very sensitive skin and tried other products which made shaving difficult. Ouch! This product removed razor nicks, bumps, and burns. I haven’t found a better product then this one.

The Cool Fix

Eliminates ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and reduce redness after shaving or waxing. There’s a cooling sensation when applied. I love the way my skin feels and looks smooth, less irritated. Perfect for men and women.

Dabur Amla Gold Hair Oil

It has a soft and peaceful fragrance. This oil supports hair growth, replenishes and moisturizes my hair in the fierce cold season. My ends are where I concentrate it the most. I love the glossy finish. A little goes a long way.   A great way to grow healthy hair!


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Additional Gift Ideas:

The hat keeps my head warm and fits comfortably (not tight). The fur part at the top can detach (unbutton) to wash separately. The gloves fit snug with and the fleece keeps hands warm. The bonus feature of touch screen is very accurate. I still have access to my iPhone without removing my gloves. Comes in 3 classic colors. Great gift or stocking stuffer.

     Young Living : Stress Away

I love the smell of this oil. When I combine this with Lavender oil, it helps me to sleep through the entire night. Throughout the day, I’ll wear it as a fragrance. It helps to reduce stress at work. Click here!


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