Advent-ure: Rediscover Christmas Day 4

Today, I set aside my paperwork to emerge myself in crafts. Usually the teacher assistant would take on the craft projects, but I wanted to give it a try. We’re making Christmas stockings for our classroom. I didn’t realize how much I miss doing art projects. Teachers are always buried under the weight of paperwork to even spend quality time with the students. I’m glad I took time to be with them. It was worth the sacrifice. It felt good to share in this experience and get glue on our hands! 😆



What is truth? Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in our own view of the world to acknowledge Him. Living compartmentalized lives, adopting a persona in church on Sunday mornings while remarkably display an entirely different persona at work (or home) during the week. We’re under the misconception, “No one is watching, no one cares, no one’s keeping track” feeding on the lies of the enemy. He’s good at what he does, cunning and manipulative.

Jesus, however stands, firmly in the reality of truth. Think about it this way, truth needs no external props to maintain stability. It needs no affirmation. Whereas lies, well it takes a village to keep up the pretense. It requires a lot to keep up the story, but falls faster than quicksand. Basically, lies are fragile, while truth is firm. Jesus came to this earth as God’s truth and mind. Jesus defines it, lives it, and calls us to experience this freedom.

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. –John 8:32

Stop wearing those sunglasses the enemy has you wearing. Fix your gaze on Jesus, learn to see and walk in the reality of truth. Adjust to the light of truth.


What lies are you battling? God? Relationships? Emotions? Circumstances? Loneliness? Write down your truth and share them with God. Begin searching the scriptures on the topics. Unload all that concerns you before God.

Don’t want to go through it alone? Invite someone (a friend, family member, or mentor) to pray with you.


Jesus, you save me, you are with me, and now I’ve learned you are the reality of truth. If I’m honest, I am one of probably many who are wrapped up in my own view of the world, while ignoring You. Built into a routine, that I have made myself unavailable to You. I’m so absorbed in whats happening around me. Battling with the lies of the enemy, sometimes it’s confusing. What is truth? What is counterfeit? I need You too save me. Please show me how to remove the dark shades, to fix my eyes on You. Fill my heart and mind with the Truth. Submerge all of my life in Your presence, so I can distinguish the Truth from the enemy’s lies. Transform the way I view the areas of my life, so I can walk in the freedom of Your truth.

In Jesus Name, Amen!

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