Advent-ure: Rediscover Christmas Day 6

I’ve been having a hard time sleeping. I’m more frustrated at what isn’t going right, rather than what is good. Absorbed in my own complaints. When it’s time to let go of what I can’t control. I don’t possess the power to change everything to meet my needs. Life and people don’t work that way. I do have control over my attitude. Speak life and excitement. Joyce Meyer says, “Living life with expectancy. The attitude we have does effect our circumstances.” Something good is going to happen. A great harvest is about to bloom. God has a big plan for me. Exciting things will happen, Emmanuel. God is with me!




The first to seek out Jesus where three wise men. They came because of the prophecy announcing His birth of such a glorious manner. They acknowledged Him as royalty. Jesus didn’t fit into the normal order of coming into this world. His birth only showed the magnificent glory of God. Such was the way He chose to live His life. Living without sin, following the plans of God, and walking among believers and nonbelievers.

Jesus broke the protocol of the laws set by man. Jesus came as a humble King to establish the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. He spoke the truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth. His life served the purpose of God. Even though the Jews did not acknowledge Jesus as their King. Jesus refused to let it stop Him from fulfilling Gods plan. Jesus became the blessing for the world. The mighty warrior who combat the enemies lies.

We do not trifle with a weakling, nor do we worship an incompetent wannabe rock star. We worship the King of Kings who deserves all honor and glory. -Asheritah Ciuciu


Invite God in. Take a step back and examine your heart.

Journal Prompt: How can you invite God unto your personal life? In what ways can you allow Jesus light to shine through you?

Listen to your true heart.


Forgiveness. God forgive me. You’re not interested in just fulfilling all my needs. You’re focused attentively on growing my faith. We forget sometimes you’re a teacher and we’re the student. Learning to be discipline isn’t as easier said then actually doing it. Many times, I’m so self-centered that I’m negating Your Kingship. All I’m doing is traveling around the same mountains, because I’m not enjoying the life You’ve given me right now. Set my attitude on the goodness before me. God you aren’t only in the extraordinary, but even in the ordinary things. I just need to be patient and wait for You. Change me. Give me the strength to accept the change. Show me how to live with Faith and move with Faith.

In Jesus Name Amen

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