Advent-ure: Rediscover Christmas Day 7

I just came from a book launch party. One of my best friends has published a new book. I couldn’t be happier for her. She’s truly an inspiration and motivation for me. This has been an incredible journey. I pray this and many of the books to come as part of the WrittenForOne series goes global. This is about strengthen and pioneering the black community towards success. Going counterculture of the negativity. I am so proud of the work she’s accomplished. Check it out!



At Christmas there seems to be alot of clutter and heavy schedules. Feeling exhausted working and rushing to shop for gifts, while going into debt. Drawing us into busyness and stress (darkness), rather then slowing down and humbly sit to experience the arrival of Jesus (light). There is a light we miss due to the hype of consumerism. Showering love on others (which isn’t all bad). Yet it can cause many to stress over buying gifts for everyone. The greatest gift is Jesus. Give more from the heart and not from the wallet. Make memories. Be the present. Experience a different way to celebrate Christmas!


Put up the tree. Take out the ornaments. Decorate together. Allow the children to get involved. If you’re like me, you’ll have a plan on how to decorate the tree. Maybe you can allow the children to have their own small tree in their room. They can decorate it any way they want. Make it a team effort. Talk about Jesus, sing carols, and enjoy the moment.


God please show me how to enjoy the moment and not focus on having a picture-perfect moment. Show me how to slow down and enjoy the pure light of Jesus. I can get so caught up in the hype of shopping, neglecting the joy of spending time with family and friends. Let me not worry so much about the to-do-lists. Only to discover more of Your Son. He established a strong bond between us and God. Help me to remember who You are in this holiday season and moving forward.

Thank You for loving us and giving Jesus as an example of your love!

In Jesus Name Amen!

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Teami: Tis the season to be Jolly!


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