Advent-ure: Rediscover Christmas Day 14

Everything was going good, until an unexpected accident happen. It can change your mood in a slip second. Thus is life. I was so distraught when my earring fell into my friend’s sink. I had to swallow my pride and frustration to stay calm. It’s gone. 😪😑

My sister said I should have taken the sink apart. 😆 My friend and I tried, 😂. I breathe and let it go. My friend said she’ll see if the plumber can get it. We’ll see. I turn my attention towards enjoying the rest of the day. We humans have a strong attachment to materialistic things. Greatly valuing them. It’s hard to ever let go. Then I recalled a quote, “If it’s not going to matter in 5 years, don’t spend more than 5 minutes being upset about it.” This too shall pass!



Whenever I step into my apartment for the evening, it’s pitched black. I can’t see anything until I turn the hallway light on. Then the light not only illuminated where I am, but shines into every nook and cranny. I can move around the apartment with the strength of this light. Until, I can reach my kitchen to turn on another light switch. As much as darkness covers our use of sight, blindly. The light swallows it up simultaneously. Nothing can keep the light hidden.

Much like Jesus. Jesus is the light of life. He reveals not only our sins, but the beauty inside and surrounding us. Don’t think Jesus just walks around condemning or punishing us every single day or minute. Jesus wants to illuminate redemption and God’s wonderful works surrounding us. When we go with Jesus, in return Jesus sends us as light into the world to illuminate His love and life into our surroundings. Every where our feet steps into, we reflect Jesus light, by loving our families, neighbors, friends, serving our church, and community with the spiritual gifts God has given us.

Let others see the beauty of Jesus illuminating inside of you.


If you haven’t done it already, decorate the tree with the twinkling ornaments and strings of light. Maybe help a church decorate their tree or buy someone in need a gift (warm clothing, blankets, toiletries, etc.) at a local shelter.


Jesus I carry the light within me. I need help tapping into it. Fill up my spirit with Your presence. Teach me how to reflect your light into others. Use me to give light to everyone I come in contact with and my surroundings. Open my eyes to see Your wonderful works all around me and help me to do the work You’ve called me to do, without complaining or arguing. Help me to shine brightly right in the crooked and straight places. Let me never forget where my light comes from. I love You Jesus.

In Jesus Name Amen!

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