Advent-ure: Rediscover Christmas Day 18-19

I was unable to post yesterday. I was handling some things at work which didn’t leave me room to work on it. I’ll combine both days in one. We had a sudden burst of snow storms, off and on. The trees are still frozen in ice. As if frozen in time.



Jesus entered our physical world, experienced the joys and anguish of being human, but without sin. He set aside all of the glory of heaven and become like one of us, bound by space and time. Trading all the riches of Heaven to become poor and submitted to the humiliation of becoming a human. Stepped away from His position as Lord of all creation, to stoop down as a servant. Jesus, a humble servant, lay down His life in obedience to death on a cross.

Jesus took on our ransom, many who weren’t even born. His death leaves a stain for many generations who have come and those thereafter. His motivation for this great sacrifice: Love. He took on this mission because of His great love for us.


Read Mark 10:13-31 & John 13:3-17

Reflect on the message Jesus shares.

Why would such a man be so motivated to sacrifice His life for us?


Jesus, thank you for staining us with Your love. We are here because You chose to rescue all of us. Sometimes, it’s physically hard to accept this truth. Your sacrifice can go unnoticed in a world full of noise. Teach me to know your ways. Teach me to be an example of Your goodness. Come into my life fully and give me the grace to receive it. Thank you always for your love, provision, and protection.

In Jesus Name, Amen!

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