Advent-ure: Rediscover Christmas Day 21

The Shepherds received an unexpected visitor, sent from Heaven above. Indeed they were startled, but the angel reassured them they meant no harm nor should they fear. What they had to share was of good news, they are bringing the answer to their prayers. The good news is the Savior of humanity. He shall rein over sin and death, so that those who truly believe in Him and ponder the significance of His death in their hearts, would be reborn again. He rose, so when we feast our eyes on the mark of the cross, we would believe. Believing is not only seeing, hearing, and saying, but choosing to follow Christ despite the norms of the secular world. A life following Jesus is better than a life not knowing Him at all. Light vs. darkness.



God gave us a gift wrapped in cloth and lie in a manger. Jesus came to earth in humble surroundings. His birth is full of Joy the world cannot even compare to give. He decided to sacrifice His life to give us spiritual new beginnings. This gift could not be wrapped in a pretty box with a bow. The war was won by a baby boy. Jesus (Son of God) came to us in human flesh. The world cried out desperately for a Savior. God replied with the Savior. He would free humanity from spiritual bondage and deliver us to God. The believers and nonbelievers.

Jesus intercedes between us and God. We have direct access to the Father through Jesus. He is ready. Are you ready to walk a life according to Jesus?

Think it over:

What do you want to share with Jesus, that you haven’t shared with others? Open your heart and speak your truth to Jesus.

Additional Reading:

Luke 2


Jesus, thank you for rescuing us. Thank you for coming into this world and being one of us. Thank you for walking this earth sinless and being the light the darkness cannot fathom. What a beautiful gift to receive and to be surrounded by Your love. We are overjoyed with contentment because You have given us the Holy Spirit. Who is always available and close to us in times of need and for direction.

In Your Holy Name, Jesus Amen!

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