Advent-ure: Rediscover Christmas Day 23-24

This holiday I decided to do something different. While going on this journey, discovering Jesus through Advent. God, has shown me a great deal about why I choose to follow Him. It’s not a cult or a trend. I’m learning to identify integrity, humility, and kindness. I would get so caught up in receiving gifts, but this year I wanted to be a gift to others.

For example, serving in church: welcoming guest, praying with them, and building friendships. Serving in homeless outreach: sitting with people who feel alone, having face financial hardship, handing out hygiene kits, and praying with them (even if they didn’t want to pray, just having a conversation. Seeing them as human being and sowing seeds of encouragement into them. Giving them hope). Doing simple acts of kindness everywhere I go: greeting people, passing out compliments like candy, thanking people for doing a great job with customer service, and sharing a smile (it’s contagious to see me smile 😉).


Just to name a few ways to help others, but the biggest change for me is opening my heart to love others. This year I decided to give the gift of Jesus. I actually gotten gifts for family and close friends, but I felt God would lead me to bless someone new. And He has shown me who to give the gifts too. There are many who face this Christmas season alone. And with one simple exchange of a meaningful gift can illuminate the spirit of love. I love walking alongside those who don’t fit in or sit with those who are by themselves. I see them, because I once was there. I know what it feels like to be invisible or lonely. There is no place any of us can go, that Jesus won’t be able to see us. He sees us. He cares about us. He loves us.


Make this holiday less about receiving and more about giving. Not only just for this season, but all year round. Humility, reminds us to never forget where we came from, what we didn’t have, and what brought us out. Jesus pours out blessings, even when we don’t deserve it. Jesus is our Savior.


Jesus, I’ve come a very long way. I may not be exactly where I’d like to be. But when I look back, I discover I am much further spiritually, physically, and mentally then before. It’s as much important to see the simple ways you’ve blessed me, that will help me to humbly appreciate the bigger blessings when I receive them. There is so much I’d like to get from You. However, help me to become a blessing onto others. Show me how to sow seeds into others everywhere I go. No pressure about doing it perfectly, but just to give others what You gave me. LOVE. I know I cannot reach everyone, but I can try my best to brighten someone’s day. May they see You in me wherever I go. In the end, I am what You want me to be. Use me and move through me to impact others.

In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen!

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