February Goals

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I began to use this method last year, thanks to my blogging friend over at Life By Wyetha. I decided to continue with this model, but adjust my goals. Reminder the main goal: We are not aiming for perfection, but do better and develop. Our list will all be different. The common ground is we want to feed our determination. #2020goals.

“I want 2020 to be different.” If we commit to ourselves. Let’s make this a year we crush goals, at least most of them.

Let’s begin!

Wake Up

I wake up at 6ish, 6:30ish. LOL! Actually, my alarm wakes up. I just roll over and snooze. I love to sleep. Not a morning person. It’s hard for me to stay asleep through the night. I’m a light sleeper, (Not to mention, I can hear my neighbors TV at night). I haven’t been consist with a sleep schedule. I would like to start my day at 5am. 🥴


First, I began this last year; put my phone to bed. Switch to using the “Do Not Disturb” mode, to setup a time block. From 8pm to 8am, my phone is asleep. I can allow certain contacts to reach me directly throughout this mode. I give myself a break from the phone for several hours.

Next, I switched from the bible app to the actual book. I have a bible study. Currently, reading the Gospel According to John. I know the story, but I want to take my time to dissect it. For one hour, I have my breakfast and read the bible. I’ll meditate on a verse or reflect on what I just learned. This sets the tone for the day.

Number Items


I know, I’ve said this before. I want to give this a try. Reading helps to increase vocabulary and create ideas. I am leading a Life Group (bible study group), we will read Kingdom Single by Tony Evans. I have read it already, but now its a part of the group discussion.


I struggle to find time to read. My friend suggested reading in the bathroom. LOL! Yep, that’s exactly right. Maybe some of you are already doing this. Instead of reading a newspaper on the toilet, I can read Detective Cross. Solving mysterious on the toilet bowl. Somehow, the bathroom is always comfortable. Just saying, just saying!

Number Items

Breathing Room

What new discipline do I want to add to my life? More room to breathe, Sabbath. Our Pastor completed a series called Breathing Room. He taught us how to slow down and create more space to rest. I feel I maybe over schedule my calendar. When I can’t catch my breathe, I begin to feel pressed on every side, and without proper rest; I fall into depression and anxiety. There are times I don’t want to get out of the bed.


I need help to isolate a day to myself. No work (paid or unpaid). The problem, I have no idea what to do. I work fulltime Mon-Thurs until 6pm (Fridays I leave at 3:30pm), go to the gym 4 times a week, Friday nights bible study, and volunteer/lead on Sundays at church. Saturday seems to be my only day to “rest”, but then I work on my blog, run errands, and do chores. I need help.

Do you have any suggestions? Comment below

Number Items


I started this last year, then I fell off. Whenever I produce any writing to the public, I don’t believe its good. But the feedback I receive, says otherwise. People really enjoy my writing. Notably, many have expressed I have a beautiful way with words. So have many of you have mentioned. I tend to doubt my abilities and shy away from telling others I am a writer. Never even own up to the idea of being, said Writer. Then again, taking on this blog as one outlet to showcase my love for writing, proved I am indeed a writer.


I decided to write everyday. I carry around a small journal to write my story. For now, I won’t reveal the title nor the basis of the story. I’m not concern with whether it makes complete sense right now. I rather get into the habit of catching my thoughts onto the pages. The goal is to write for 30-60 minutes daily. I’m not worried about word count or number of pages completed before the month is over. I want to get into a rhythm of writing. When its all out of my system, then at that point my next steps will be revealed. The more I write, the more confident I am as a writer. God, never fails to remind me.

The goals listed will take time to become a habit. Don’t expect to get it right on the first try. Creating a discipline is a challenge, but worth it in the end.  We have to be intentional. What is the end goal? To achieve results requires growing through the process and persevere. If you quit, you will quit yourself. If you happen to fall off, get back up.

You can do it!

What are your goals for this month? 

Comment, like, and share below.

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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to nurture a life rooted in the scriptures and a quiet, gentler lifestyle.

12 thoughts on “February Goals

  1. My goals for this month are TO RE-ARRANGE MY SCHEDULE cuz’ it’s pretty messed up
    😂!!! AND Tiffany you should only take 5 to 6 hours on stuff you do on saturday!💡! AND then 5 to 6 hours to yourself!!! I really hoped i helped you!!

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  2. Great goals Tiffany! Yep, it does take time to really get in a new habit, new way of doing things, but we need to stick with it. Sometimes it’s not always possible to set aside a whole day for ourselves, so start with part of a day, maybe gradually keep stretching that time. Some people try breaking it up into 1 hour times each day. Sometimes it’s necessary to cut back something else, not necessarily cutting it out, to get that extra time. Just have to try things sometimes to see what fits best. For me I need to get back to reading more, I used to read 20 to 24 books a year and I want to get back to that again. More prayer time too. I’m also working on less ‘screen’ time and so far doing good. Have a great week Tiffany!😃😺

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