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I love books! Reading sparks adventure, creativity, and ideas. If you’re new, I like to share a booklist of what I’m currently reading. These are children inspired books. My students enjoyed these so much. These selection, made a profound impression on my students, including myself. I love the message and themes of the stories. The book discussion was a surprise to me. They really enjoyed it!

Before I introduce them, here’s one of my favorite treat:

Teami SuperGreens has been a favorite in my smoothies. It was easy and simple!


One banana

Handful frozen pineapple

Handful is spinach

Teami Greens


Orgain Vanilla Protein Powder

Directions: Blend with water. (Or Almond Milk, any dairy of choice)


Blend all fruits first. Then blend powders last. It creates a smooth texture.

Checkout Teami

The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds

We meet Vashti, in art class staring at a blank canvas. She’s frustrated and devoid of all inspiration to draw anything. Vashti’s teacher ask Vashti to create a mark. “See where it takes you.” Little did Vashti know her mark unlock inspiration to create something unique. A simple mark from the lens of this little girl, unfold a beautiful masterpiece.

All it takes one person to see you outside of your comfort zone, to inspire you to see you have something amazing. The fact is, her teacher acknowledge Vashti’s gifts as an artist. Vashti could have balled up the paper and left class. Maybe it was simply insignificant at the moment. Her teacher held it to a higher standard. She seen Vashti gift as valuable, just needed a little kick of inspiration.

It opened my eyes as an educator. Sometimes we can miss out on the simple ways to inspire our students. The one chance to spark creativity can add a splash to the world. I understood the value of a not only as a teacher, but the value of encouraging others. It’s the words and/or actions which can inspire the people around us.

Number Items

Daniel chooses to be Kind adapted by Rachel Kalban

This is a popular series on PBS, inspired by the classic Mister Rogers Neighborhood. Tiger learns different ways to be kind. Sometimes, it can be hard to explain to children. We could use more kindness in the world. I try to encourage my students to respect each other. This book reinforce the value of being kind. Plus as adults we could use some reminders.

Number Items

Thank You Omu! by Oge Mora

“Evryone in the neighborhood loves the smelly of Omu’s (pronounced AH-moo) delicious stew! Even though, it was just a story, the meal did look delicious. LOL! One by one, they follow the delicious aroma. Omu doesn’t hesitate to offers them some. What happens when the generosity leads to a empty pot? She didn’t even leave any for yourself.

This story highlight the theme of selfless actions and foster community. Omu had a heart to share with others. Although, she was left with an empty pot, but she receive something greater in return. The community didn’t fail to rail around her for the compassion she shown them.

All 3 books reflect a form of love called, “Philia”, shared experience. Kindness isn’t rare. In the most simplest form, let’s make it more common.

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  1. You know what tiffany???? I LOVE BOOKS!!! The books you posted are so interesting!!! I’ll be sure to read them !!!!

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