When I grow up

I only do what The Lord ask of me. Even when it seems unorthodox and unbelievable. Jesus was relentless in His quest to save everyone when they refused to accept. He was relentless in His compassion for everyone, even when they turned their back on Him. He shown relentless love, despite the opposition He faced. I ask God to give me this same amount of strength. I will face challenges with the assurance I will conquer in the end through love. Jesus, thank you for setting a great example. I only wish to grow stronger in my Faith this year. God, make me who you want me to be. Just Jesus!

I want to live by Jesus example when I grow up.

Who do you want to be, when you grow up?

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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to nurture a life rooted in the scriptures and a quiet, gentler lifestyle.

6 thoughts on “When I grow up

  1. You are very ambitious!!! And i would probably like to be a knowledgeable , creative and most importantly KIND AND CARING person when i grow up!!! Maybe my ideas’ll change but who knows!!! Have a nice day Tiffany!!!

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