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Who’s ready to start this weekend? I’m going to Worship Night Unplugged tonight. I can’t wait! This is going to be epic! The church created a Young Adults ministry, to strengthen the relationship and walk with God. I’ve signed up to volunteer at the Welcome Center (Greet guest, welcome new guest, & direct them to other available resources).

Since I have some down time, I wanted to chat with you guys. I thought it would help to share in hopes of getting some advice or encourage someone. Either way, I could use a friend(s) to help or comfort through tough times.

Before, I get to the story. I could use some courage. I had to share one of my favorite oils. Just add a few drops in the diffuser, it smells amazing. I wear it as a fragrance.

Back to the story…

I’ll share briefly, I’ve been 2 weeks into my Leadership role at church. Although, the volunteers aren’t new to the church, we don’t actually know each other. I wanted to build a relationship with them. Which means I would stay for all three services, every Sunday. Last Sunday, was a very compact schedule, I was asked to come on stage to speak from the heart why I love to serve. I was a bit nervous. It is a great honor to highlight not only my new position, but to explain how committed and loyalty of the team to serving God.

All the while, the enemy decided he had other plans.

First incident, The morning team huddle didn’t go smoothly. I am a new leader working with a team. There was a conflict with the instructions I gave. The situation was meant to embarrass me as the new leader. I kept my cool, although I was offended. It can be hard to accept, adjust, and breakout of “the old ways”. Change is hard, the process is to create a “new normal”, new routines. I had to regroup and focus on being a leader. It was a bit of a distraction for the day. It started to pull at my insecurities, my abilities as an effective leader. I prayed my way through it.

On top of that, as I was about to go on stage, I got my period (I know guys, TMI). Thankfully, I had backup, but it was in my car. I didn’t park far and it didn’t happen while I was on stage. God is the great Deliverer! Hallelujah! I was extremely emotional about the situation. I pulled myself together and try to embrace the little moments of happiness. Plus, one of my friends hung out with me as I went shopping for my moms gifts. We talked about other topics which helped distract my mind from the situation.

Second incident, my friend hosted a birthday dinner, I’ll call her Donna. At the end of the evening, another friend who I will call, Francine, got upset with me because I paid her portion of the bill. I thought I was helping Francine out. Occasionally, we experience financial hiccups. I kindly suggested to Francine to pay me back whenever. I’m not someone to pester or get upset about money. “Do onto others as you wish for them to do for you”. Especially, when we were friends. We always end up helping each other.

However, I got backlash for it. At the end of the evening, Francine sent a very hurtful response text.

In the same way, the tongue is a small thing that makes grand speeches. But a tiny spark set a great forest on fire. And among all the parts of the body, the tongue is a flame of fire. It is a whole world of wickedness, corrupting your entire body. It can set your whole life on fire.

James 3:5-6

My reply: *silence*

Normally, I would probably return the favor, by replying with a not-so-nice text. Turn the spark into a flame. But God prevented the counterattack. There is power in the tongue. The tongue can bring life or death. You can never take back words, especially negative words. As I teach my students, “catch your words”, when they want to blurt out answers. I caught myself before I react. There is a strong desire to respond sarcastically, disrespectful, pass judgement, and added more discord. In the end, what would that prove? I decided it was best to remain silent. Reinforce my boundaries through silence and stay in peace. I’m not bulletproof, it did hurt to read Francine words. I couldn’t sleep after the incident.

I decided to confide in another close friend, let off some steam. They advised me to let the situation cool down. I do believe it would be beneficial to talk things out, for the sake of the friendship. I don’t like tension to occur between us, especially since we have the same circle of friends. I am aware it can only happen if the other person chooses to do so. If they refuse, well their role in my life will change. I am working on healing and growing from this situation. Sometimes, you can do something good and others will see it as a problem.

I could exhaust all my way to solve the problem. But I surrender to the power of God, The Redeemer.

Words can hurt. I do feel the weight of them. I can determine how it will effect me and how I react. My reaction and response is on Gods will.

What are your thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “MTJC: Good Fires

  1. Sometimes, He is exactly what you need. I read in the scripture that there is no harm in getting angry, as long as we don’t act on that anger. Sometimes I just pray for peace and stillness to get me through those times when all I want to do is react. I want to live in love, I want to live in his light, and I that turning that cheek is not what He wants for me so I occupy my mind by reading more scripture. — Go in Love, my Friend…Wye

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    1. Thank you. Yes I agree feelings are valid, it’s our reaction we have to be mindful. I’m learning what God can do when I face those difficulties. Thank you so much for this comment. 🤗

      How’s the decor going in the new place? I’m still so excited you found a new place.


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