Monthly Goals: March

Life is so precious. It’s the most valuable and precious gift.

At some point, the goals have to come off the paper and live in your heart. You have a choice to either live in defeat or be persistent. You have to sow before reaping the harvest. Challenge yourself to be brave even if you feel like giving up.

As you write set your goals, take these questions into consideration:

Am I living intentionally? Am I living purposeful?

Achieving goals should eventually awaken your potential, purpose, and power.

Let’s get Physical!

Honestly, exercising has been the greatest achievement. I am so proud to not only achieve this goal, but maintain a rhythm. Of course, I didn’t like it in the beginning, but I don’t like to quit.

In fact, it was always a part of my resolutions. Secretly, I wasn’t fighting for it. I only engage in mediocrity and comfort. After the church wide fast back in 2018, I feel into yoga. Yoga and I had a love-hate relationship. Over time, I met a great instructor. I learn to appreciate the practice. Sometimes you have to do something you don’t like, before you can appreciate the results. If you want to start something different in 2020, try yoga. Join me in a new challenge:

HOME: 30 Day Yoga Journey with Adriene

An experience that could just change the course, transform your body, balance your brain, and heal your heart.


The practice of yoga bridge a connection between you and your body. It’s sacred, takes commitment, and fosters self-love. When all of these elements are explored, you can discover how to trust yourself.

The victory is meeting on the mat. Afterwards, we’ll take care of the rest and flow together.  


Green Smoothie with Teami Greens!

Each day, I will take to meeting Adriene on the mat, while she takes me along the journey at home on my living room floor. It’s not about flexibility, I want to give my body some attention and care. Preferably, afternoons works best for me. I love to sleep, LOL! Which is why I need an accountability partner. You and I can encourage each other. Our journey is not met to be alone, but surrounded by encouragement from others.

State of Mind

Of course, writing, at least for me is therapeutic. If you don’t think so, I challenge you to do it! For the month of March, write every single thought weighting on your heart or mind onto paper. There is no specific style or method to writing. It can happen at any time, whatever you want to share on paper is customize for just you. Only be intentional. I promise you’ll begin to feel lighter and appreciate a new habit. Writing can take on any form: stationary, digital, or voice recording. Journaling is whatever form you choose to use. It’s an outlet to let go of the heavy weight. Free the mind!

If you want to change your world within, pick up your pen and write.


Another tip: Utilize planners for both personal and professional. My rule of thumb is not to have too many.

My Goal is to post almost daily this month. I am clearing my schedule to write, more. I want to dive into different topics. There are some still hanging in my draft section. I think its time to pull them out. Plus, I really want to get involve in the comment section. Listen, I like to chat. I only hear crickets hanging in the comment section. Even if you disagree with my opinion, share. I am curious about whats on your mind.

Share your ideas or suggestions!

Going back to my February Goals, I completed 2 books and have decided on my next 2 books to post soon in Cozy Corner. I did find reading in the bathroom works! LOL!

Spirit move

God and I have history. We go way, way back. I wouldn’t be who I am if it wasn’t for God. This journey isn’t over, its actually just beginning. With the recent events, the one word keep coming to mind: Intentional.

Am I living intentionally? Am I living a purposeful life? If God were to choose me to ascend to Heaven, have I lived a life according to His will and purpose?

I guess you could say, its a tough question to answer. Or maybe, you’re saying self-reflections happens whenever one experiences losing a love one. I think both is true. The only solution is God. I believe I intentionally growing and seeking a deeper relationship with God. However, I still feel I am holding myself back. Of course, it’s fear which we all experience.

However, if I am praying for God to change and put me into positions to receive greater opportunities. Am I showing God I can let go of security blanket to go to the uncomfortable places? What we want doesn’t match our willingness and determination to move.

We’re always asking God to fulfill our desires, but never follow through on what He asks of us


This is where it gets hard to surrender. Since we’re in the season of Lent, (1) there’s a great bible study: Journey with Jesus – 40 days Lent Devotional. Powerful! (2) I’ll participate in the fast. Yes, it does mean to abstain from food, but more specific:

What am I giving up for Lent? Is it something God has convicted me about?

I need time to reflect on this. Several things come across my mind: My ex who has been MIA, my stressful job, my finances, trusting God, stop allowing others opinions carry weight on my heart, stop disqualifying myself or all of the above. Like my friend would say, “Let It Go! Similar to “Let Go & Let God!” I need to spend this time and open up to God, everything. Then sit back to listen. I want to learn how to recognize Gods voice.

Listening to Gods voice, simple. Recognizing Gods voice, takes time!

Bryan Roe

Make room, adjust accordingly, but don’t block your growth.

The best part of this journey, is too begin, although the middle makes all the difference. Builds character, strength, and discovery. Aren’t you, at least curious to see what’ll happen if you pursued your goals? You’ll be further ahead then you ever thought possible. The worst defeat, is giving up on yourself. Be your greatest reward.

What goals are you chasing this month?

Does setting goals per month work for you?

Do you have another way to achieve goals?

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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to nurture a life rooted in the scriptures and a quiet, gentler lifestyle.

11 thoughts on “Monthly Goals: March

    1. Thank you. ☺️ I’m so happy it inspire you. Maybe you could give this a try. Setting goals each month seems to help me keep on track and more accomplish. Of course I have major goals for the entire year. I just want to encourage others to go for it even if we stumble along the way

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  1. LOVE your goals tiffany!!! Setting goals… for me……sometimes!!!! I am planning this moth to wake up early!!! I always doze off where ever i get the chance!!!

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  2. I completely fell off of my monthly goals. I just had too much going on, and I want to get back to them. I have kept up my bible study, working through it verse by verse. It really does relate to everything that’s going on my life and it’s such a comfort. Good luck in all your endeavors!

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