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In my last post, I stated one of my goals is to pursue 30 days of yoga. I’d consider it a rewarding challenge, because I do love the way I feel afterwards. The end of last month, I hit some emotional situations, which threw me off my routine. I’m ready to regain my momentum and get back to what my body loves.

Yoga centers me and reinforces my center of spirituality. It’s my version of self care. This months challenge, I decided to do yoga daily, at home. Home: 30 Day Yoga Journey. Checkout Yoga with Andriene on YouTube. She has a tons of great videos for any specific need. Plus, her dog Benji is adorable to watch as, he too wants to get in on the practice.

You can start this challenge any day, week, or month. You can achieve it in 30 days or 90 days. Move at your own pace, focus on meeting the mat rather than doing every move perfectly. The success is just showing up, on the mat. Trying your best to recognize your body and being compassionate towards yourself. It’s all in the comfort of your home. You can do it alone or invite friends to join. The best part it’s free! Definitely worth, at least giving it a try.

Each day Adriene sends an email to introduce the theme of the day, plus insightful encouragement.

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Yoga is a tool which helps us to get to know who we really are. It’s about reuniting with yourself and loving the body you have. Throughout the process, you’ll discover that it’s not so much as prioritizing the where or what. It’s not about “what’s-next-on-the-agenda”, sort of practice. It’s so much more!

Its about being Brave. Brave enough to look within and truly recognize who it is you see. Your true self reflection to create the truest form of your self-portrait. Learning to accept yourself, with love, and receiving yourself with open arms.

The opportunity is to be who you are and recognize where you are, right now. Through an act of honesty and kindness. It’s a wonderful discovery, not to be afraid or painful. The purpose is not to do yoga base on what you think it’s about. Today is just to recognize You. Learn how to breathe in what you need in the moment, and exhale anything that isn’t important. Put down your to-do-list! Acknowledge your reason for being on the mat.

Be gentle with what feels tough. While loving what it is about you that is unique. Recognize your willingness to tap into your potential and where you may be struggling. This journey is not meant to be alone. We will flow together, with Adriene, and along with many others. Plus, we can be accountability partners, encouraging each other through email or here on the comments. Yoga isn’t about being hard, it’s about growing through the process. Recognizing your freedom to be yourself despite not being flexible.

Take it to the mat, I’ll meet you there! ☺️

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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to nurture a life rooted in the scriptures and a quiet, gentler lifestyle.

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    1. Awesome! Definitely checkout her video. I loved this one, because what she shared really spoke to me and how my journey began with yoga. It really open my mind to the WHY of yoga and not so focus on trying to do everything right. Or being the right body. ☺️

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