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In continuing with tradition, Women’s History Month. I cannot thank this author enough for sharing this story. It gave us a glimpse into their life, struggles, transformation, love, and identity. The story touch many, but gave us truth. Behind determination and bravery, being an “independent and a strong” woman can be met with challenges. Sometimes against ourselves and others. Choosing not to buy into the lie, “I have made it.” This statement theoretically fulfills the expectation of finite. Reaching a specific goal (marriage, children, and career) fall along the lines that you’ve made it, success. If you’ve not reach these goals, you’re done. Living the American Dream.

However, this author redefines life as “Becoming” is an ongoing process, growth. We will always go through different seasons, there is just no such thing as checking off those 3 specific goals, to proclaim “I made it”! There are infinite possibilities and adventures. Honestly, if we still have breath in our bodies, why do we need to stop. Embrace the journey towards, “becoming” someone of greatness or stay in the comfortable. This life will go as far as you decide to take it. Create something beautiful in the world. Be remembered for making an impact on others.

I think you should really get this book. Keep these questions in the back of your mind, “Am I worth it to become myself? Will I continue to fight for my greatness, despite the obstacles I’ll face?”

Let’s take a look at the different seasons of,

Becoming Michelle Obama

We all have a story.

This is not just a book for women. It is a book for all. I can relate vastly, by the struggles she face and the way the world looks down on you for your race, color, and gender. This book is not hatred, it’s about understanding what it looks like to fight. You can’t stop fighting, but you can stop the battle from plaguing your mind. The enemy belongs outside, don’t give it room to grow inside.

She wasn’t born with a silver spoon. Her parents explain to her and her brother there is life beyond the neighborhood. Although, they were poor, it didn’t mean they needed to have a poor state of mind. They had the chance to accept education and apply the tools to a great a bright future. The struggles of the past, doesn’t have to keep you in bondage. The past builds strength and should fuel your determination.

Struggles are short detours, not a permanent destination.

Her road to becoming, didn’t just end with presidency. It has prepared her to become so much more.

Honestly, I miss the Obamas!

Pick up this book. This is not another biography. Or a self help book. It is a story that connects all of us. Welcome the idea of Becoming!

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