DYHS: Awaken


Hi all,

Yoga and Jesus, this is my quarantine. Not to mention working from home.

What, if anything, is lying dormant or inactive?

Are there things you are capable of but you have not embodied or seen to fruition yet?

With everything that is going in the world. It’s given me time to reflect on my life. What haven’t I been doing, that I should be doing?

The mat is a mirror.


Today’s theme is about how to wake up and discover. I’d say we’ve overcame the challenge of showing up on the mat. At least, I hope so. Always flow at your pace. It’s between you and the mat. Awakening is a process. It’s a process of growth and of necessity. Inside of you, is someone great. You have to be willing to tap into the real you. Be willing to awaken your potential.

Be intentional, Be mindful, Be your best version.

What happens when your soul
Begins to awaken
Your eyes
And your heart
And the cells of your body
To the great Journey of Love?


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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to nurture a life rooted in the scriptures and a quiet, gentler lifestyle.

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