The Hustler Blogger Award

Welcome. I am so honored to share this post. Thank you Brandi, from couchtalksblog, for nominating me. 🎶 I’m a hustler baby! 😂 ! This is truly an honor. Please, head over to her blog, she has amazing content. I love her authenticity and genuine view on life. Check it out!

  1. Be sure to give Thony a pingback on your post, so that he can read it. Here’s the link to pingback to: The Hustler Blogger Award
  2. Include the award logo you see above somewhere in your post, or as the featured image.
  3. Nominate at least 5 other bloggers. You can nominate more, but no less than 5.
  4. Answer the 9 questions that Thony has provided. (You will find them listed below, along with my answers to them).
  5. OPTIONAL: The nominee is welcome to add an additional question for those that they choose to receive this award.

Let’s get started,


  1. Why did you start a blog?

I walked away from my writing for many years. Then I hit a roadblock in life, my only way to cope was through writing. I didn’t know whether it would impact anyone, so I decided to take the dive. Writing is my therapy.

  1. What/Who inspired you to do it?

Love, laughter, pain, world, and humanity. I feel like I get inspired by the people I meet, the blogs and books I read, and my experiences entice me to write. What I grow through, maybe if I share others will be encouraged. My faith inspires me to help the hurting and lift the falling. I don’t take for granted the way my writing has helped many, but even if its only one person reading it. I am happy to help.

  1. What motivates you to keep pushing and creating content and make your site alive?

This site is an extension of my identity. Writing is apart of my DNA. I love learning and discovering new information. I love learning new ideas and ways to develop my writing. When I cannot find the words to say verbally, I let my writing be my voice.

  1. Who are your fave bloggers? And how do they urge you to grow as well?

“I do have a few favorites and I will list them in my nominations. I think how they urge me to grow is by writing posts that offer an authenticity that I don’t see with too many people nowadays. They are not trying to make their words sound too pretty and acceptable for the masses. They are not trying to seek popularity. They just put out what they feel in its rawest form and it inspires me to feel no shame in doing the same with my posts.” -Brandi.

  1. What lesson/s have you learned through your experience?

One thing I always remember. Write for you and not for anyone else. Writing is an art. Words paint a masterpiece. It can stir up emotions and leads to breakthrough. Words are inspiring. And I love how a blank page, can carry the weight of our pain or ignite passion in the heart.

  1. Have blogging brought impact to you as a person? If yes, what are these?

Definitely. I found confidence. I discovered I had a gift of writing. My words aren’t just pretty on the surface, they have substance. I was scared to start, because I didn’t think anyone would read it. I didn’t think I was any good. Who knew, people actually like what I wrote. Sometimes, I am a little too honest, but we sometimes need to be truthful. And I love helping others discover a new way to live life. I love thinking outside the box.

  1. Not everyone are confident enough to start a blog. What advice can you give ’em?

Just do it! Of course, it’s easier to say then to do it. But I say do it. The blog shouldn’t be about how many followers you obtain. It’s about the person behind the blog. Do you like to write? Do you want to share your works with others? Fear will always be there, but no one is confident until they choose to do it despite their fears. You can do it!

  1. Give 3 facts about you as a blogger (strengths or flaws)

Flaws: overthinker, people pleaser, & passionate fighter

Strengths: determined, courageous, & caring

  1. Drop down your blog post which you are most proud of (together with the link so we can read it)

Mmmm, I can’t think of one specific one. I love all of my works! If I had to narrow it down to my favorite category. I say checkout Creative Writing. I get to share poetry and stories.


I had the opportunity to meet amazing bloggers. I can’t narrow it down, so I choose everyone subscribed to this blog. Please consider doing this award. I would love to read your response. Please pingback to this post.

Thank you all for being apart of this journey.

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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to nurture a life rooted in the scriptures and a quiet, gentler lifestyle.

12 thoughts on “The Hustler Blogger Award

  1. Haha! You said “I’m a hustler baby!” and I instantly heard that song! 😂
    Love your answers, Tiffany! Especially the part where you said “My words aren’t just pretty on the surface, they have substance.” Love that. Glad you participated and shared your blogging experiences with us!

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  2. Thank you so much for doing this award. I love your answers so much, your words are just powerful! 😍 I agree in every thing that you said about writing. + i love how you get these inspos to keep moving. Go u. *hugs*
    And btw, your blog is so gorgeous. Love the design ♡♡♡

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations on this award Tiffany! I have never heard of this one before! And your answers are all great too, glad you decided to start your blog and keep at it, it’s wonderful! Even if I am usually a bit late reading! Have a great day Tiffany!!😃😺

    Liked by 1 person

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