Good Friday Preparation

Hi everyone, today we celebrate Good Friday in preparation for Easter Sunday. This year, it will look and feel quite different from our normal traditions. Today, I’ll share some ideas to continue the celebration.

Make breakfast together

Spend time in the morning, creating memories in the kitchen. Gather the family together to make breakfast. Assign everyone a task to make the process fun and easy. No need to dirty every pot and pan, sometimes even the simplest meals can bring comfort to the heart. Start with a nice table scape, put aside the paper plates. Use the formalware: dish set, cups, and utensils, it’ll make the experience feel like you’re at a restaurant.

Some simple breakfast ideas: scramble eggs (or my favorite, sunside up; fried hard. I don’t like runny eggs), biscuits, turkey bacon (or sausage), and cut potatoes into small cubes. Make chocolate chip muffins or pumpkin muffins, love these. I’m sure the kiddos would love to make pancakes, especially with added fixtures: chocolate chips, blueberries, or bananas. They can cut the bananas with a plastic knife and add to the batter. Show them how to gently mix the batter. And watch daddy flip the pancakes. Wow!

Remind the family to help with cleanup. Teamwork helps get the job done, quickly.

Dress up for the occasion

Although, we all enjoy our pjs, headscarves, and slippers. I find when I freshen up, makes me feel good. No need to put on your Sunday best. A good pair of jeans and white tshirt, both comfy and looks good on you. Allow the kids to pick out their favorite outfits. Make it fun, give them a bubble bath. Draw your own bubble bath, light some candles, and start the morning with peace. Play music in the background to enhance the experience. Give yourself a treat, you deserve it!

Either way, looking good, makes you feel good. Everyone will be ready to start the day. Even if we are staying indoors.

Family fun

Take the dog and the kids outside to play frisbee, throw around a football or play hopscotch. Either way, go outdoors and get some air. I love gathering the family together to play games, board games. How about putting together that 100 piece puzzle, it may take several days to complete but will keep the kids preoccupied. Legos are another great game, I find kids can play with them for hours. You don’t need to spend alot, try your local dollar store for toys and crafts.

Have a scavenger hunt. Create a list of household items to find and setup a point system. Everyone gather the items. They can even work in teams. The one with the most points can get a special treat: ice cream, candy, or choose a fun movie for the whole family to watch. Make Easter projects. I love these pinterest ideas:

No sew sock bunny

Easter chick fork painting

Easter bunny cards

Checkout pinterest for more simple ideas and fun games. Most of the items you’ll need maybe already in your house.

Connect Digitally

A lot of the programs and applications we use, have enhanced their features to safely keep us connected. Have a game night, use Kahoot to play trivia and chat with Hangout Meets (this allows up to 100 people to video chat). Watch a movie on Netflix party or find apps to use screen sharing (hangout meets or skype) with your family or friends. Join a workout class online. The yoga studio I attend, (South Mountain Yoga), use zoom to stream their workouts. I even recommend, Yoga with Adriene on youtube. The kids would love it. You can schedule a dinner video chat with the family. Less dishes to clean and more time to talk. There are endless possibilities to connect.

These are just some suggestions, I hope will inspire you to create new traditions. Cherish these moments with the people you love.

Enjoy your Easter weekend!

Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

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