Make small changes: 6 simple ways to a healthy lifestyle

Hi everyone,

Many of us are looking for ways to achieve healthy living. It can feel frustrating and hopeless. Nothing seems to help get you out of the rut. I know the feeling all to well. Today, I wanted to share 6 simple ways to kickstart a healthy lifestyle. All you need is to take small steps.

Oftentimes we set unrealistic goals: eliminate all “bad” foods (cold turkey), excess exercising, and downloading every workout apps. Then we hit a plateau or resort to using supplements to suppress appetite.

For many interested in weightloss, this will require maintenance, consistency, and being intentional. Maybe consider this, Why do I need to lose weight? I don’t think it should be for a quickfix or to fit into other people standard of beauty. Maybe the focal point is to create a healthier Lifestyle. The goal is to achieve a healthy weight that fits into a natural lifestyle best suited to your needs.

It all starts by making small changes.

Listen to your body

In the beginning, I don’t recommend using a scale. It can be discouraging and diminish the progress you’ve made. Muscle weighs more than fat. Traditional scales won’t be able to distinguish the difference. However, they maybe newer, high-tech ones on the market. Its a personal preference, as long as it inspires you to keep active. Another option would be to listen to your body. I noticed a difference in the way my body felt as I reduce sugar intake to increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables. My energy level increased as I took a more active approach in fitness. Especially when my old clothes began to fit looser. That was satisfying and motivating.

if it fits loose, then it’s time to toss

Sometimes, we just need to listen to our bodies.

Drink more water

This was another change, which made the biggest splash. I always enjoyed soda, snapple, and sugary drink. (I can remember the taste of Cola with a twist of lemon. My tastebuds memory, lol!). Excess sugar builds fat, cause teeth to stain, and can cause breakouts. Consider swapping out the sugary drinks for water you’ll begin noticing a difference, soon. I felt my energy and body more in balance. Plus, water helps to support clear skin, flush toxins out, and cleans kidneys. Don’t like to drink it plain, add fresh or frozen fruit for infused water. It’s both delicious and refreshing. Make a large pitcher to rest in the refrigerator. Easily accessible!

Keep active

Another way to become more active; avoid elevators rather use the stairs. I tend to choose stairs, then go on elevators. I live on the 4th floor, so I’m getting in more steps. Carrying groceries upstairs isn’t fun, but it has great benefits. (There is an elevator available in my apartment building for the heavier items). Park the car farther away from the entrance. All great ways to not only burn calories, but to tone and strengthen muscles. If you have pre-existing conditions, such as weak joints, arthritis, etc. Pace yourself and always check with healthcare professional before engaging in rigorous activities. It’s not a marathon, take it slow. Go at your own pace!

Pigeon Pose

Never skip meals

When we get caught up in the busyness of work, home, or life. Sometimes we tend to skip out on meals. It had been a habit of mind for quite some time. I get so focused on completing assignments, I’d practically work through my lunch. Ideally, we think “if I don’t take in food, then I can lose more weight”. Even if you choose to fast or intermittent fasting. Consider discussing any drastic changes to your diet with your physician. Sometimes it may lead to physical consequences, if not done properly. It can lead to a loss of important nutrients and vitamins, in which to maintain your healthy balance. Remember to get information about your overall health from a medical, licensed professional. Maybe talk to a Nutritionist or Dietitian about your needs and goals. Always do research before changing your diet.

Once you become active, have a hearty breakfast, lunch, & dinner, while having small snacks in between. Pinterest offer healthy and simple recipes.

Don’t shop Hangry

Don’t ever, I repeat don’t ever buy groceries on an empty stomach or when you’re hangry. Your cart will be full of all kinds of junk food. And for many of us, we know exactly which aisle has the sweets. We’ll grab anything just to satisfy our craves. (I love chocolate). All the sugar and carbs will fuel the body. Temporarily regain energy, but will feel sluggish in the end. Before going to the grocery store, have a healthy snack. I tend to keep protein bars or a fruit in my bag. Make a smoothie or salad. Simple and satisfying until your next meal.

Celebrate victories

For many, this could be a new journey or have decided to return. We have to learn to encourage ourselves along the way. Don’t look at what didn’t work or how far you need to go. Look back at how much you’ve changed. acknowledge the simple victories. “My friends and I love fruit infused water. I have less cravings for sweets. I’m a pro at meal prep. I love smoothies. I prefer to take the stairs, I’m a stair master!” Recollect on how your lifestyle has changed, thus far. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are one step closer than you were yesterday.

Sometimes we fall back to old habits. It happens to the best of us. We’ll hit obstacles along the way. However, choosing to persevere, means you’ve built a discipline. You’re determine to not quit. Deciding to invest in what makes you happy, healthy, and whole.

Make it your lifestyle!

I’d love to hear from you. Maybe some of you are already doing some of these tips. I’d love to hear from you. Please share below in the comment section, other helpful suggestions.

Thank you!

See you later!

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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to cultivate a life rooted Christ alone and create a simple lifestyle.

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  1. Hey, you did a pretty good job on your blog! Definitely great encouraging words. Since you’re interested in healthy life style, I thought maybe I could introduce you to doterra natural solutions that are purely only made from plant parts. I have a blog on natural solutions..Feel free to check out my blogs at

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  2. Loved this post! Although I don’t write about losing weight, I agree with you that people should focus on the small changes in their daily habits. I especially loved your point 5 of celebrating the small victories 🙂 I think I could do that more.

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