More than just coffee: why?

Here, we are, in another decade and we are still facing, this travesty called RACISM.

I sat with this idea for a couple of days. The only thought came to my mind, why?

Why is there another story, another innocent death, and facing the same war? Why is it still here, 400 years later. Why?

I can’t help, like so many others, feeling angry, sad, frustrated, furious, and fearful. Hearing the voices cry out, no one wants to hear, until now. I am terribly upset by this and to see the disturbing results of it. I did not see the videos, but can empathize with those affected by it. I can still hear the cries of Trayvon Martin, on the streets, crying out for help, when the neighborhood look the other way. When evil took on the form of a man and decided to end an innocent teenagers life that night. I can not ever forget the audio of his cries.

No one should ever be violated nor mistreated by any authority figure. No one should possess that sort of power over another human being. It is not right. There is no reasonable explanation for this abuse.

The prospect of wearing the badge and uniform, is to SERVE and PROTECT. The definition of these two words have gone out the window and has been replaced with a different kind of brute force. No, this isn’t right.

The prospect of being black in American, carries a negative stigma. Facing racism at every turn. Passed down by generation to generation. They never had a chance to experience the same set of freedoms and privileges others have access, too. How can one live under these conditions? For years, feeling oppressed and having to suppress their feelings about this ordeal.

You cannot understand the weight of being outcast, in the country where freedom, honesty, and truth is suppose to prevail for all. Much like the famous “Star Spangle Banner”, the land of the free, never felt like home nor free. I’m glad to see everyone taking a stand, uniting to voice their pain and rallying to demand change. This issue doesn’t affect only the black community, it affects everyone. Everyone has a role to diminish this plague, once and for all.

It wont happen overnight, but we have to stop it from impacting the future.

When one person hurts, we should all feel the pain. As God created all of humanity in his image. We all belong to him. Although, we come in different colors, the cuts we bleed shed the same color, red. It is time we stop ignoring this issue, stop sweeping it under the rug and stop feeling uncomfortable to discuss. The reality is, it is right smack in our faces. There is no way of hiding from it.

No one should be ok waking up to another shooting in the news.

Jesus shed his blood for all of us and he never excluded anyone from this sacrifice.

Call on Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.

Psalms 50:15

How do you feel? This is a safe space to talk and share.

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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to nurture a life rooted in the scriptures and a quiet, gentler lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “More than just coffee: why?

  1. It is a terrible thing that racism still exists, one wonders why it should still be here. Unfortunately there are always people who feel this way and that gets passed on to their children. You are right, we are all created equal, by God. In reality I think we need to do away with this idea of different colors of people. Science has proven that we are all the same color and that is brown. And it is produced mainly by melanin in our skin cells, some have more, some less, so we get different shades of the same color. Maybe if we could teach this to children they would grow up realizing that we are all the same, instead of teaching different colors that says we are all different. Just a thought of mine anyway. Maybe it wouldn’t help, but I do think we need to teach that we are all the same, not different. Have a great day Tiffany!🙂😺

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    1. Yes science does back it up. It’s not only taught, it’s also what the media has been teaching us as well. And systematic racism is very real and still exist. There is a lot of underlying red tape going on behind the scenes of America. What’s been in the dark, has come to the light?
      We grow up seeing color, but we should not allow it to determine how we treat each other.

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