Bring Nature Indoors: Houseplants

I never thought I would have plants in my home. I’d soon discovered the great benefits, not only for decor, but for my health. Who knew I had a green thumb! Ha! Why plants are great for your home? Here are 5 reasons to have houseplants:

A friend gave me a single plant as a gift. What started as a single flower pot, turned into 5 potted plants. This is a very common interior type of plant, perfect for any home and my lifestyle.

Fresh Golden Pothos Plant.

  • a classic interior plant,
  • preferably medium to bright, not direct light
  • water only when the soil has dried out,
  • can be grown in either soil or water only

Each time the stems grow too long, I clip them and set them in water to sprout roots. Then, I give it a new home (flowerpot). Although, I am running out of space to put them, LOL!


Reduce Stress

Being close to greenery, makes us feel more at ease within our surroundings. We experience less stress and feel relaxed, calm, and more focused. When there are plants in the workspace (office), people will become more productive and be in a good mood. People tend to feel better about their jobs, worry less, and take fewer sick days. Research suggest having plants in the classroom has shown to improve student performance.

Air Quality

Plants purify the air quality. Rooms with plants help to lessen dust and mold than rooms without foliage. Our bodies take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide, breathing easier. Plants act as a natural filter to capture allergens and other airborne particles. Helpful for those with asthma. Examples of houseplants:

Restful Sleep

Much like photosynthesis, plants turn sunlight into food for their nourishment. Plants reduce carbon dioxide and produce more oxygen. Having plants in your bedroom can reduce fatigue, sore throats/cold, and add moisture to the air (humidity). Another create benefit, interior plants help to reduce background noise levels inside buildings, too. Preparing for a peaceful night.

Natural Healing

Patients benefit greatly from being more in touch with nature. Taking a bouquet of flowers to a love one in the hospital is more than just a thoughtful gesture. People experience lower blood pressure and improve mental health. Research shows patients recover faster, when they have plants in their room or have a view of nature from their window. Try Peace Lily or an Orchid.

Support Mental Health

Therapists use gardening to help treat psychiatric conditions. Learning to nurture a plant, helps to lower anxiety, improve attention, and lessen depression. People recover from severe conditions such as those with dementia or living in long-term facilities. Plus, it adds a sense of purpose to care for a plant. It makes life feel meaningful.

There are great benefits to having houseplants. In addition, to a variety of plants to have in your home. For your first time, choose one to two small plants. Do your research first, the type of plant, care & maintenance and your environment. Having houseplants has made a difference. I hope this has encourage you to consider plants in the home. Let me know in the comments below, if you have houseplants and how many?

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16 thoughts on “Bring Nature Indoors: Houseplants

  1. I love your plant family…LOL I’m down to 3 plants that I’ve had for a few years. One snake plant that I split in two which one is thriving and the other is just maintaining. Then another one is a simple house-plant that’s not doing so well, it’s not dying but not growing as fast as I thought they would … but I’m not giving up on them.

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