Summer Isn’t Over

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I know many of us hadn’t anticipate a summer quite like 2020. It does feel like a bummer, when we have to social distance, but there are great things to do. Even if it’s just to smell the flowers.

Summer is usually allocated to the months June, July, & August. School is over and more outdoor events commence. Summer Break! I thoroughly look forward to summer. Much of the excitement happens during June and July, but it soon fades as when August arrives. Prematurely, we fall into the stage called, “Summer is almost over!” It’s the same feeling with December as we anticipate the New Year.

Back to school sales roll out, all things related to Fall are hitting the shelves, and organizational tips to setup a home office/school. Wait, pause. This is coming on to fast. I can either stress over the future or be aware of the present. August is still here, today is Friday (according to timestamp of this post), and it’s still summer. We all have responsibilities and deadlines to meet. It won’t go away by stressing or worrying. Nor will we ever surpass the workload, it’s designed to be endless. Our oxygen is quickly depleting and running on anxiety. It’s time for PTO. Time to put down the work, close the planners, and turn off the commercials.

Roll it back to the feeling of summertime.

If there is something we have gain from this pandemic, is the present is a gift. The priority isn’t about the work we produce, but nurturing our health. When was the last time, you took a vacation (staycation)? You need to peel away from the demands of the world and relax. Nothing is more rewarding then a simple, peaceful vacation. Spend time away from home, stay at a hotel, or visit family (or friends). Be intentional about rest and relaxation. Your body earns this time to heal.

LOL! My version of Vacation. Less planning, more relaxation.

I was able to take a mini-vacation with my best friend. She wanted to sleep in the entire weekend, LOL! Ditto! We decided to check out a botanical garden and go down the shore with my nieces. All in all, it was a great weekend, I’m planning to do another one soon. I need another vacation before I get sucked back into paperwork, lol! I enjoy the time away from home. The best prescription is Vitamin Sea!

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What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

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